Which sports are popular in Thailand? What about betting as a new travel revolution?

Thailand is strongly associated with tourism now. Except for the huge number of tourists visiting the country every day, lots of foreign enterprises want to be represented in the market, like the well-reputed OKH Group, headed by Bon Ween Foong.
Of course, tourism is of crucial importance, but besides this sphere, there are other markets developing, for example sports betting. Let’s overview which disciplines are best developed in Thailand and why betting is so widespread and can do a travel revolution in tourism.

Briefly about the sports in Thailand

Many modern sports are now popular among Thais: golf, tennis, bowling and ice skating. However, traditional local disciplines, such as Thai boxing and kite fights, remain the center of attention.
Although Thai boxing is Thailand’s most popular and entertaining sport, its original purpose was self-defense. It originated in the sixteenth century during the wars with Burma. Historically, Thai boxers terrorized Burmese troops and forced them to retreat. So the discipline is considered to be the most spectacular one in the arena. Unlike Western boxing, Thai allows the use of legs, shoulders and elbows. Fights are usually held like both amateur and professional ones.
Another ancient Thai sport, kite fighting, was a favorite of Thai kings, who sponsored and practiced it for several centuries. Today, the main competitions take place in Bangkok, which seems to be the epicenter of kite fighting. There are hundreds of shapes and colors of kites made in Thailand. Each comet has a huge size and it takes a lot of people to fly it. Comets are divided into “male” and “female”. The goal of the competition is to force another’s kite to land on their side of the field. These competitions are as popular in Thailand as boxing, so crowds gather for each competition.
Other popular disciplines are scuba diving, scuba diving, windsurfing, sea fishing, freshwater fishing and golf. Extreme activities, such as skydiving, are very popular today.

Why is sports betting so popular? Which disciplines are the best for it?

Such a gambling is the perfect option to have rest, to get lots of emotions and to make money at once. That’s why many Thais prefer staking. It’s actually very easy to do and doesn’t demand special knowledge or effort. Moreover, you are absolutely free to stake everywhere – both online and offline. Except for the traditional disciplines, you can gamble on such widespread ones, as football, tennis, basketball, hockey, etc. Also the system for making bets is simple – you just have to know the odds and calculate them. Considering bankroll management, some tips must be mentioned.

Why is it important to manage bankroll correctly?

In order to bet on the chosen sport, it’s necessary to determine the game pot.
First, set your maximum bet amount and don’t exceed your limit and lose more than you can afford. Then select the size of the stake based on the size of the bank. Don’t allocate more than 5% of your bankroll to a single bet. By gambling on a larger amount, you increase the risk of losing money.

So what can be said about sport betting in Thailand?

Along with tourism, lots of new markets, growing in their popularity, appeared in Thailand. Sports gambling is one of them. Due to the variety of traditional disciplines, Thais’ affection to hazardous games and their loyalty to the world spread games, the field is only strengthening. The complete travel revolution may occur because of gambling’s growing popularity. Almost every month it attracts more and more visitors to the country. So don’t waste your time and try your hands in too!


Thailand as tourist and sport betting epicenter