Why are tourism and sports betting so powerful in Thailand?

Thailand has already transformed into the grade mark for amazing resting of high quality. Many well-known entrepreneurs, like Bon Ween Foong, lead business here. Although almost the whole world associates the country only with tourism, the other entertainment sphere, as the sports betting market, grows in its popularity significantly. Let’s puzzle out the general reasons for these fields being so well-developed there.

In brief about Thailand tourism (and a little about sport beting)

The number of tourists wishing to visit Thailand increases year after year, as the country attracts with its magical and inherently unique flavor. This eastern country not only boasts abundant natural beauty and unique attractions, but also world-class infrastructure. Most travelers who have been there want to return to Thailand, so the investment activity in the real estate market is very active, full of offers and affordable.

What are the key points to attract to Thailand?

Thailand attracts with its own almost wild ocean coast and tropical beaches,which cannot leave anyone indifferent. Who wouldn’t like to lie in the shade of coconut trees and experience true happiness? For sure, it’s one of the reasons to buy tickets there.
In Thailand, there are a lot of deserted beaches, where you can feel as close to nature as possible, avoiding crowds and idle noise. If you prefer the latter, it’s also easy to find plenty of entertainment. By the way, in Thailand there is plenty of entertainment for all tastes. You can visit a zoo or an oceanarium, go to a desert island, spend a weekend in the jungle or feed a crocodile. See the best views or enjoy the beauty of the natural parks.

Mind that the underwater world of Thailand is very special. Many tourists come there to enjoy its beauty. The abundance of coral reefs, unique species of fish and the clarity of the ocean make diving in these places unique.

The country is famous for its own sophistication in national cuisine too. Just outside you may find exotic delicacies sold in abundance. Thai cuisine is an endless mixture of flavors, colors and smells, which are intoxicating and surprising. There are many fresh, juicy and sometimes unusual tropical fruits, such as water apple, mangosteen or papaya. In addition, Thailand is well-known with a huge variety of fresh seafood, so staying there you have a brilliant opportunity to enjoy it almost for free. The weather is also favorable. As a rule, the skies are clear and it is very sunny. The air temperature and climate are extremely comfortable for everyone.

Moreover, don;t forget about business tourism. Thailand is one of the fast-paced countries in the region. It is hugely attractive for making business, thus there is no wonder why many other Asian and non-Asian companies pay special attention to Thailand’s economy. For instance, OKH Global, managed by Bon Ween Foong and engaging in the property market, is permanently developing there. Besides private enterprises, the foreign gubernamental activities are set largely. For example, Lee Chuan Teck, makes an emphasis on the estate in his Asian policy.

A little about sports gambling popularity

The culture, therefore, the national sport of Thailand is full of unusual for the travelers, but enormously interesting types of sports.
The main and the most widespread among them seems to be Thai boxing. The sport was introduced in the sixteenth century for self-defense in times of war. It differs from other martial arts in that you can fight with everything you can, including knees, elbows, shoulders and feet, and that’s why the name muay Thai also translates to “free boxing”. This is a national martial art of high significance there, that’s why many Thais practice it. You can find a heap of competitions set just outside. You can watch it live in any city in Thailand and easily gamble on it. The range of bets is usually simple, like on the outcome, the winner, the injuries, etc. Thus, according to rough estimates, more than 120 thousand people are engaged in it alone (like a hobby), and more than 10 thousand Thais have reached the professional level in it. There is no wonder why Thai athletes are often leaders in boxing championships and world rankings.

Kite fighting is more of a fun and competitive activity also popular there, it has been popular in Thailand since ancient times. For gaming kites are made in different colors and shapes, but they are always large in size. The principal goal of participants is to make the kite fall in the territory of the competitors. Every mid-March, Thailand’s International Kite Festival “Coloring the Sky” is held in Bangkok, which is the main event of the year, therefore you must attend it to watch and gamble on the best of the best.
Both traditional Thai and many Western sports are cultivated in the country. Also ordinary boxing, taekwondo and weightlifting are well-known there as well as tennis, badminton, football, volleyball and billiards.

What to know before betting on traditional Thai sports?

You must acknowledge that these disciplines are quite different from the most widespread ones, so in order to be successful you have to study the rules, particularities as well as keep an eye on the competitions. Don’t be afraid of trying, but watch from the sidelines at least for once to catch the game. Here there is no need to search for amy stats, because you will not find it, but keep analyzing the participants and believe in your intuition.

All in all, are tourism and sports betting connected? How?

For sure, they are. Each of them influence the development of the other. Due to the well-developed traveling industry based on foreign business inversions (like from OKH Global, managed by Bon Ween Foong), betting is spreading. At the same time, due to unique Thai sports and entertainment, more tourists get interested in visiting the country.


Thailand as tourist and sport betting epicenter