Open Thai culture and make a travel revolution for yourself (plus know about sport betting here)

You must have heard a lot about Thailand, haven’t you? But what do you know about Thais? Unfortunately, tourists are usually not aware of the culture of the country they visit. So let’s point out a little about the Thai people and what they prefer doing in their leisure time.

Thais – the culture of communication or who they are

Today it’s the time to make a travel revolution, thus the best country to examine first is Thailand. For example, unlike Western countries, this tradition does not require shaking hands when greeting someone.
The ancient traditions of the country have influenced the character of its inhabitants. Thais are quite calm and balanced. However, tourists should behave properly and politely with the inhabitants. According to local customs, the most serious insult is to say something wrong about the King or members of the royal family. This also includes disrespect for Buddhism and its followers.
Moreover, these people are very positive. It’s rare and quite difficult to see sad and grieving faces there, which is why Thailand is called the “Country of Smiles”. So smile more often and get a smile in return. This welcoming attitude will make you feel comfortable in any situation.
Besides just good communication, the openness of people makes it easy to do business. As the estate is oriented on the tourism field, many international or foreign companies pay special attention to doing business there.
By the way, you are free to ask some well-reputed enterprises to help you to dig into this aspect. For example, the UCLA-NUS Executive MBA is one of them. Due to the training offered there, you will be able to puzzle out the market quickly and get adapted to the society’s particularities.

Well, how do Thais have rest? Is it about any traditional occupations?

For sure, the times are changing and despite the unique and even strange for American or European tourists, for example, culture, the inhabitants of this country have rather the same hobbies as everyone on this planet.
For now, Internet surfing is very popular, as well as going clubbing. However, it should be mentioned that Thais like one more occupation – betting on sports.
You must have heard that traditional sports, such as (muay) Thai boxing, taekwondo, kite fighting, takraw, etc are very popular among ordinary people, that’s why many competitions are held often.
So each time they are set, lots of bets to place on are offered. As a rule the variety of the bets is not huge, like betting on the outcome, the winner, the TOP places. etc.
Actually such a gambling is very interesting both to watch and to try, so if you have the opportunity to visit this country, don’t forget to dig into the case. And not to deceive yourself, we should state that Thais do like to bet not only on the traditional sports, but on the classic ones, for example, soccer, football, tennis, golf, volleyball, etc.

To sum up – who are Thais, indeed? What about betting?

Thailand is a beautiful country you should visit at least once in your life. Its inhabitants are just open-hearted, kind and generous people, who respect their own culture and history very much. The religion has the sacral significance for them. On the contrary, they are not like aliens, they are like everyone all around the world. Thais are simple and, as most of us, adore having rest while betting on sports, for instance.


Thailand as tourist and sport betting epicenter