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AseanAffairs Magazine March - April 2011





Managing Editor David Swartzentruber sees a new global political restructuring as the answer to the current global chaos.

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                      To Live The Future We Must Take Control Of Our Destiny.
                 To Survive The Future We Must Choose The Path Of Responsibility.
                 To Conquer The Present We Must Persist, Endure And Wake Up.

This writing is dedicated to all people of the world who have knowingly or unknowingly accepted blindness as their eternal guide through life. It is further dedicated to all souls who know the time has come for mankind to wake up and recognize the evil that is upon us and consuming us. Have you noticed how so many people today readily succumb to a life of mediocrity? Have you noticed how so many people today readily accept defeat as their excuse for a life that has no true purpose or meaning? Have you ever thought to yourself that you could be one of the many? Think about it.

We live in a fantastic period of time, would you not agree? Look at all the technological advances mankind has achieved in such a short time. Look at the field of communications and electronics. We have television, satellites, radio, video, computers, and digital sound. Incredible, would you not agree? And look at all the advancements mankind has made in the fields of medicine and science.

Yes, we do indeed live in a fantastic period of time. You have to admit man is an incredible creature. In fact, you would have to say mankind is quite unique. However, with all these great and amazing discoveries, is mankind really happy? Maybe, you can answer this question for me by asking yourself this. Are you truly happy? In my opinion, it appears that for every great step mankind advances on the material plane mankind in turn goes back two great steps on the spiritual plane.

Let me explain what I mean by this previous statement. For one, yes, we are advancing in the world of technology as I discussed earlier. But I ask the question, at whose expense are we advancing? Who pays the real price for all these advancements? I wonder? In my opinion, if things are so great in the world today, then why is it that billions upon billions of people are struggling each and every day just to survive?

For a l l the great discoveries and wonderful accomplishments created by mankind, why is it that millions upon millions of men, women and children starve to death every year? I also wonder, why is it that so many men, women, and children die each year from senseless war and destruction? I would have to say, in answer to these questions, it must be a total lack of spiritual fulfilment from those who are in control of this wonderful world.

In my opinion, if those in control of this wonderful world lack in spiritual fulfilment as stated previously, then I state, we as human beings have a very serious problem. And if you do not believe me on this point, all one needs to do, is to look at the state of the world.

When you seriously look at the world through the illusions then you too, will realize we have a very serious problem.

I believe, mankind had better wake up soon before the end is upon us. In fact, I would have to say, It’s time to wake up, and we had better do it now

To add truth and to make sense to what I have previously stated, I ask you to think about this. Once upon a time, giant dinosaurs walked upon the face of the earth. They were huge and they were powerful and they ruled the earth. However, you know something, I do not see any dinosaurs today. Do you? However, I do see a lot of people who think and act like dinosaurs. Have you come across anybody you know who thinks like a dinosaur? Think about it!

In my opinion, if we as human beings do not begin to open our frozen and structured minds, I will give you a hundred to one odds, mankind like the dinosaur shall become extinct. In order for mankind to survive, we as human beings must open our minds. We must learn how to adapt to the environment we live in. We must open our hearts, when we do we shall see the evil that is using and controlling us.................

         The Vast Majority Of The People In The World Today
Only Want To See What They Desire To See
Or What They Are Programmed To See.


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