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March - April 2010

The United States is facing daunting prospects in the Asia-Pacific region, a huge market for US goods, while China’s influence is growing as it makes rapid trade inroads in the region. The implications for the US and its need to redefine its ties with Asean are explored in our exclusive interviews with Ernest Z. Bower, Senior Adviser & Director - Southeast Asia Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Founding Partner, Brooks Bower Asia LLC and former President of the US-Asean Business Council, and Demetrios Marantis, Deputy United States Trade Representative for Asia.

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Interview with Peter Staudinger,
International Marketing & PR, Innsbruck Tourismus


Peter Staudinger,
International Marketing & PR,
Innsbruck Tourismus

Q: What makes Innsbruck stand out among the tourist attractions in Austria?

A: Innsbruck is a unique destination in Europe and Austria. The city of Innsbruck and its holiday villages are the counterpoint to Vienna and Salzburg. Nowhere else in Austria can you find such a fusion of culture, nature, sports and city flair as in Innsbruck. After visiting the old town, which looks like an open air museum because of the houses from the 15th century, you can take the funicular right in front of the Imperial Palace which takes you up to 2300 meters in just 20 minutes. There you are can enjoy alpine felling and sports activities in the mountains. Above all else there are the amazing views of the Alps and the city.

Q: Where does it stand in terms of earning tourism revenues for Austria?

A: We are not focusing on Austria. Thet tourist industry is extremely important in Austria, especially in the region of Innsbruck. The state of Tirol (Innsbruck is the capital of this state) had around 43.2 million overnights in 2009. Innsbruck itself had 2.1 million overnights with an estimated turnover of 400 million euro. The value added is not included yet. Overnights in 2009 in Austria were 123 million. So a third of the tourism is made by this region - Tirol.

Q: In promoting Austria tourism, how does Innsbruck Tourismus work with the other tourism organizations – both government and private entities?

A: Innsbruck Tourism is focusing on marketing cooperations with the other cities of Austria such as Salzburg, Vienna and Graz. Furthermore, we work strongly together with the LOT (Tirol Tourist Board) and the ANTO (Austrian National Tourist Office). As all the regions and cities except Vienna are not that well-known, it makes sense to work together and represent Austria as a whole.

Q: What kind of competition is there among them and how do they cooperate to achieve national tourism goals?

A: For sure there is competition between the offices but in fact every destination/city it own USP and this is why it is easier to work together than against. The competition is more in terms of who can reach better figures. The overall goal is to bring more guests to Austria and to our cities and this is only possible if we work together. If for example one destination has an increase of guests, it can also affect Innsbruck because a lot of guests do visit Austria’s cities, not just one, so it is worth working together.


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