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March - April 2010

The United States is facing daunting prospects in the Asia-Pacific region, a huge market for US goods, while China’s influence is growing as it makes rapid trade inroads in the region. The implications for the US and its need to redefine its ties with Asean are explored in our exclusive interviews with Ernest Z. Bower, Senior Adviser & Director - Southeast Asia Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Founding Partner, Brooks Bower Asia LLC and former President of the US-Asean Business Council, and Demetrios Marantis, Deputy United States Trade Representative for Asia.

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Interview with Josef Margreiter,
Geschaeftsfuehrer – CEO, Tirol Werbung GmbH - Tirol Tourist Board

Josef Margreiter,
Geschaeftsfuehrer – CEO,
Tirol Werbung GmbH - Tirol Tourist Board

Q: Where does Tirol stand in terms of earning tourism revenues for Austria?  

A: Tirol is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. With 61 overnight stays per capita Tirol as a region is the clear world tourism champion. All of Austria counts 12 overnight stays per capita and France,which is often cited as one of the most significant tourism destinations, logs only about four visitor nights per capita. Jobs and wealth generated by travel and tourism are spread across the economy - in retail, construction, manufacturing and telecommunications, as well as directly in travel & tourism companies.

In Tirol almost 25,000 businesses live off tourism and invest 700 million euros per year, with the majority of this amount being spent in quality improvements. 43 million overnight stays, that means 35 percent of the whole of Austria’s, are generated in Tirol alone. The expansion of tourism has led to significant employment creation. For example the accommodation and catering sector provide jobs for around 53,000 people in Tirol.

Q: How does Tirol Tourist Board work with the other tourism organizations in Austria – both government and private entities? What kind of competition is there among them and how do they cooperate to achieve national tourism goals.?

A: In Tirol alone we cooperate closely with 36 regional tourist boards and 3 regional touristic marketing organisations. We also try to coordinate our marketing activities with the Austrian tourist board. Finding ourselves in a more international competition, cooperation with other Austrian regions and the Austrian tourist board is getting more important.

In 2010 we will go one step further. “The ALPS”, a new lobbying event will be held for the first time in Innsbruck. All the alpine regions will work together to create a new platform for exchange in expertise, vending and lobbying. In the face of worldwide competition it makes sense for the Alpine area to come closer together in order to provide an effective backdrop for joint innovations in the sensitive field of Alpine tourism products. We expect some 500 participants at the 2010 Prologue of “the ALPS“ in Innsbruck. They will include leading representatives of tourism policy in the Alpine countries, top tourism experts and decision makers from the travel trade and international partners from the world of marketing and media.

Q: The opening of Eastern Europe was expected to make Austria an important centre for East-West travel. How did it turn out?

A: Since the opening of Eastern and Central Europe, Tirol has had a steady growth from countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, etc. All these countries have performed very well in the last couple of years. In Poland, for example, we had a growth of 10.240 percent in the last 10 years during the winter season. In the other Central European target markets the numbers are similar.



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