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December 14, 2016
Vinacomin Power to debut 680 million shares on UPCoM

November 24, 2016
Gov’t aims for stable power tariff

November 10, 2016
Indonesia eyes electricity exports to neighboring countries

December 21, 2015
Govt opens bidding for 3 geothermal power plants

November 20, 2015
Kyaukse power plant project extended through 2016

October 21, 2015
Pertamina, Sojitz to built $250 million power plant

October 12, 2015
Siemens sets sights on govt’s mega power plant project

October 9, 2015
Malaysia mulls over plan to buy electricity from Laos

October 8, 2015
Laos, Thai, Msia & Singapore power deal delayed

October 2, 2015
Electricity tariffs to drop by 9.3% for next 3 months

September 30, 2015
PW Power Systems mulls assembly facilities in Indonesia

September 23, 2015
Govt to give electricity subsidies only to poor

September 1, 2015
Solar plant construction begins in Quang Ngai

August 28, 2015
VN to boost competitive power market

August 24, 2015
Seven islands will link to power grid

July 17, 2015
EVN loses hold of local power market

August 13, 2015
Power line to require higher local content
‘Green' buildings can be far more energy efficient

August 11, 2015
ASEAN Business Club holds dialogue with Vietnam PM

July 21, 2015
Vinh Tan 1 thermal plant construction starts in central VN

July 20, 2015
Sunny future for solar panel research in Singapore

July 17, 2015
New standard? Singapore lends hand for electrics

June 29, 2015
Thai United Power aims to boost electricity capacity in Dawei

June 4, 2015
Germany offers $2b to state-run infrastructure projects

June 2, 2015
35,000 MW power plants to boost coal consumption

May 27, 2015
Construction firm PP eyes Rp 21t power plant projects

March 30, 2015
New power projects in pipeline

March 13, 2015
Con Dao to develop power projects

March 6, 2015
New gas supply mostly to go to power plants

March 2, 2015
Govt focuses on Ayeyarwady dam plans
World Bank bars local firm

February 11, 2015
Solar power projects up in the air

January16, 2015
Laos to export electricity to Singapore

November 25, 2014
Palace expects Congress to expedite approval of emergency powers resolution

November 19, 2014
RI needs $3.7 billion to develop bioenergy power plants

October 3, 2014
RI needs Rp 200t a year to meet rising power demand

September 8, 2014
Power production up by 10.4% this year

August 27, 2014
US firms eye $900M projects

August 15, 2014
Java, Bali facing power supply crisis

June 18, 2014
Semen Indonesia mulls building power plant in West Sumatra

June 17, 2014
Inalum begins $1.9 billion expansion with new power plant

April 11, 2014
State firms to spend $2.5b on power plant, transmission projects

March 25, 2014
Palm oil producers to benefit from local market

March 21, 2014
Govt to use over 200 dams to generate power

March 13, 2014
Malaysian firm joins power line assembly

March 4, 2014
Biogas power plants built for rural areas

January 22, 2014
PLN to increase palm-oil use

December 12, 2013
Power-sharing deal with Philippine Moro rebels gets mixed reactions

November 19, 2013
RI coal price may rise on demand from India

October 11, 2013
Electricity supply declines to 7 percent in 2013

October 3, 2013
Southeast Asia oil bill to hit US$240b by 2035: IEA

October 2, 2013
Laos informs neighbours on Mekong dams development

September 20, 2013
Pestech secures US$29mil Laos job

December 20, 2010
First turbine spins at Son La dam

December 1, 2010
Indonesian president attacks corruption

Majority of Filipinos back birth control bill

November 27, 2010
UN Special Envoy Visits Myanmar

November 23, 2010
U.S. to talk with Myanmar

November  19, 2010
Philippine business receives Aquino backing

November 16, 2010
U.S. to talk with Myanmar

Cambodian-Vietnamese leaders meet

November 6, 2010

Vietnam claims Chinese map violates its sovereignty

November 5,2010
Election may signal confidence in coalition

November 1, 2010
Clinton in Cambodia

Malaysia, Australia To Work Together On People-Smuggling

Junta could stay

October 30,2010
Clinton visits Malaysia

October 29, 2010
Asean enlists US to balance China

October 28, 2010
Asean to fast-track AEC plan

UN chief tells Myanmar to free prisoners

October  27, 2010
Philippines remains corrupt

Vietnam Supports UN Resolution To Promote Women's Role

October 26, 2010
Indonesia to continue Myanmar critique

October 22, 2010
Myanmar Supreme Court to consider Suu Kyi appeal

October 21,2010
Malaysian PM speaks on race issue

Viet Nam, EU exchange views on human rights

October 19, 2010
Foreign monitors, media barred from Myanmar election

October 18, 2010
Aung San Suu Kyi wants to Tweet

October  16, 2010
Aquino tells business to be proactive

October 11, 2010
China-Asean car rally departs for Thailand

No plan to raise Malaysian government retirement

Myanmar to free prisoners for vote

October 8, 2010
Budget deficit raised for subsidies

October 7, 2010
Thai, Cambodian PMs meet

October  5, 2010
Aquino tells bishops to tone down rhetoric

October 1, 2010
Suu Kyi release, "a ploy"

Church may boot Aquino

September 30, 2010
Asean ministers address regional issues

September  28, 2010
Aquino stands up to Church

September 27, 2010
Anwar: Malaysian media blamed for tensions

September 25, 2010
US-Asean second summit

ASEAN MPs promise better linkage

Thailand could hold early 2011 elections

September 23, 2010
Thai,Cambodian PMs to Meet

September 20, 2010
NGO addresses Asean land rights

September 17, 2010
Many can't vote in Myanmar

September 16,2010
Malaysia: "not a daydream"

Vietnamese PM talks with Lao PM

September 15, 2010
Myanmar body confirms end of Suu Kyi's party

Malaysia's reform details hazy

September 10, 2010
Thai workers funding insurgents

September 9, 2010
Minister agrees with plan to move Indo capital

September 8, 2010
Myanmar increases censorship

September 7,2010
Singapore encourages more residents to become citizens

September 2, 2010
Asean-US draw closer

August  31, 2010
Aquino to abolish obsolete agencies

August 28, 2010
Thai election when normalcy returns

August  23, 2010
Philippines’ Business opinion buoys Aquino

August  20, 2010
Aquino wants to rebuild

Thai oil giant may buy Carrefour

Indonesia-Malaysia dispute needs closure

Reuniting with overseas Vietnamese

August 16, 2010
Asean unity for US-China rivalry

Vietnamese PM Calls for Asean Blueprint

Asean mediation sought

August 13, 2010
Myanmar holds general election Nov. 7

August 12, 2010
Thai court seizes (finally) Thaksin's billions

August 9, 2010
Vietnamese Prime Minister highlights Asean

August  7, 2010
Thai Business leaders call for agency role

Vietnam rural reconstruction initiative

August  6, 2010
Indonesia to revise rules on procurement bids

Cultural cooperation in Indian Ocean rim

Asean wants formal sea code

July 21,2010
North Korea, Myanmar dominate ASEAN meet

July 26, 2010
Philippines’ Aquino to outline program

Philippine legislators against new taxes

India hosts Myanmar general

July 24, 2010
ASEAN meetings end on high note

July 17, 2010
Hmong activists protest

Aquino takes on Philippine casinos

July  13, 2010
US concerned about Myanmar

July  12, 2010
Splinter group to run in Burma poll

June 30, 2010
Cambodia denies harbouring Thai activists

Aquino inaugurated, wants to end poverty

Thaksin lawyer lobbies in Washington

June 29, 2010
Ethnic voices not heard in Burma elections

June 28, 2010
Singapore refutes Leahy's comment on libel

Malaysian PM faces uphill task

Noynoy takes office

June 26, 2010
Malaysia drops new gambling plan

June 24, 2010
Thailand could hold elections in early 2011

June 18, 2010
Suu Kyi supporters mark her 65th birthday

June 17,2010
Vietnam rejects human trafficking report

Bombing plot in Malaysia revealed

June 16, 2010
China, US angle for Mekong influence

Singapore questions US human trafficking report

Public protest on legalising Malaysian betting

June 12,2010
Thailand seeks US support in reconciliation bid

June 11, 2010
Call for fair Myanmar vote

June 10,2010
Thai PM presides over ceremony to boost public spirit

Noynoy wants inaugural at Quezon Memorial

June 8, 2010
Green technology and sustainable development key issues for East Asia

New ministers counselled to be resolute>

Murugessan remains defiant

June 7, 2010
Enhancing excise tax collection by new technology

Malaysia PM condemns Israeli attack on gaza aid ship

New Election expected sooner than later, Thai PM

June 3-4, 2010
Philippines Elections: Estrada ready to accept defeat

Thai leader goes abroad to salvage country's image

June 2, 2010
Thai PM survives opposition censure

June 1, 2010
Malaysian PM reshuffles cabinet

May 29, 2010
Thai PM says polls in November unlikely

May 27-28, 2010
Philippine Congress close to announcing election victor

Asean chief sees need for drastic political reform in Thailand

May 25-26, 2010
Thailand: Thaksin charged with terrorism, extradition process begins

Philippines: Arroyo ‘not happy’ due to poll fraud allegations

May 22-24, 2010
Indonesia close to appointing new central bank chief

Aquino turns down proposal to legalise ‘jueteng’

Thailand: Growth seen at 4.5% amidst political risks

May 21, 2010
“Order restored in Bangkok, provinces,” says Thai PM

May 18, 2010
Malaysia PM: Opposition has marginal win in Borneo election

May 17, 2010
Malaysia ruling party loses in Borneo ballot

Intensifying violence seen hitting Thai economy hard

May 16, 2010
Philippines: Aquino to be named president one week ahead of schedule

Asean calls for restraint in Thailand as violence intensifies

May 15, 2010
Philippines: Aquino seeks control over house, reaches out to rival

Bangkok violence continues for third day, no end in sight yet

May 14, 2010
Myanmar polls 'a farce', says Philipine minister

Riots in Thai capital turn violent, again

May 13, 2010
Sports betting is now legal in Malaysia

Philippines: Marcoses seen as coming back to political arena

Thai forces to block red shirt rally site

May 12, 2010
Thai protesters vow to ‘fight to death’ as siege looms

NGOs cry foul over UN rights forum election of 14 countries

Myanmar junta shrugs off poll monitors, asks US to be positive

Philippines: Aquino begins forming dream cabinet

May 11, 2010
Philippine Elections: Aquino heads for a landslide

Myanmar warned over secret arms deals with N Korea

May 10, 2010
Violence, computer glitches mar Philippine elections

US official meets red shirt protesters, praises road map

May 9, 2010
Thai PM asks protesters for a clear response to his road map

Indonesian president said to have picked successor to Mulyani

Philippine Elections: New survey shows tight race between two contenders

May 8, 2010
Philippines: Polling officials race to make May 10 vote happen

Pressure rises on Thai protesters to end demonstrations

May 7, 2010
Philippines: Aquino widens the lead as rival slips

No quick end in sight to prolonged Thai protests

As finance minister quits reforms hang in the balance

May 6, 2010
Malaysia government’s nuclear plan draws strong criticism

Finance minister’s abrupt resignation shocks Indonesian market

Philippines to go ahead with elections as scheduled

Myanmar opposition party dissolution due today

Thai red shirts demand details, remain entrenched in capital’s business hub

May 5, 2010
Glitches may delay Philippine polls

Thai protesters await details of government road map

May 4, 2010
Philippines: Faulty machines spawn doubts over smooth elections

Thai protesters mull PM Abhisit's peace overture

May 3, 2010
Thai government almost ready to clear protesters

May 2, 2010
Noynoy Aquino tipped to become Philippine president

Thai PM: Protests isolated in capital commercial hub

May 1, 2010
International Crisis Group: Thai standoff could deteriorate into civil war

April 30, 2010
Thai protesters storm Bangkok hospital; patients evacuated

April 29, 2010
Thailand: Continuing violence worsens economy

Philippines Election Survey: Aquino seen heading for landslide win

Malaysia: Kickbacks alleged in submarine purchase deal

April 28, 2010
Cambodia: PM denies taking bribes from mining giant

Philippines Presidential Elections: Nationalista Party changes strategy

April 27, 2010
Malaysia: Ruling party wins by-election, boosting reform agenda

Singapore amends charter, adding 3 more opposition MPs

Myanmar: Ministers ditches military uniforms to enter polls

Philippines: Aquino warns of electoral fraud, ensuing turmoil

April 26, 2010
Thailand's 'Yellow Shirts' consider moving against Reds

April 25, 2010
By-election seen as test for Malaysian ruling coalition

Thai PM firm on retaking business hub occupied by red shirts

April 24, 2010
Thai protesters accuse government of preparing crackdown

April 23, 2010
Malaysia: Opposition leader faces suspension from parliament

Blasts kill one, injured scores in Bangkok; red-shirt denies responsibility

April 22, 2010
Thailand: Red shirt protesters change tact as clash looms

April 21, 2010
Indonesia’s lower house against cigarette production cut

April 20, 2010
Thai protesters cancel planned mass rally

April 19, 2010
Troops patrol Bangkok’s ‘Wall Street’ threatened by protesters

April 12, 2010
Thai protesters keep mounting pressure on government

April 11, 2010
Thailand reels from worst political turmoil in 20 years

April 10, 2010
Indonesia reminds Myanmar junta of need to hold tranparent elections

Thai security forces start reclaiming protest sites

April 9, 2010
Thai Red Shirt leaders face arrest

Asean Summit: Myanmar junta urged to open elections

April 8, 2010
Malaysia PM says party supports overhaul of preference system

Thai unrest, Myanmar elections overshadow Asean summit

April 7, 2010
Red shirts break into Thai parliament

Philippine Elections 2010: Aquino widens poll lead

April 4, 2010
"Red Shirts" asked to leave Bangkok business hub

Vietnam PM explores business opportunities in Myanmar

April 2, 2010
Singapore high court overturns acquittal of opposition members

Thai 'Red Shirts' under pressure to end protests

Resignation, defections hit Philippines' ruling coalition

April 1, 2010
Thailand’s turmoil will have short-term impact, says consumer products giant

March 30, 2010
Myanmar opposition boycotts junta’s elections

March 29, 2010
Thai PM, Red Shirts in second rounxd of talks on Monday

Myanmar opposition likely to vote ‘no’ to junta ballot

March 28, 2010
Thai national TV broadcast ‘peace’ talks between PM and Red Shirt leaders

March 27, 2010
Myanmar Armed Forces Day: Junta chief sets no poll date in his speech

March 26, 2010
Pro-Thaksin Red Shirts plan new rally in Thai capital

March 25, 2010
UN Security Council considers looking into Myanmar's electoral laws

March 23, 2010
Myanmar opposition to sue military junta over election laws

March 22, 2010
Thai govt keeps security law in place as red shirts linger

March 21, 2010
Thai PM offers to talk with protesters, rejects calls for new polls

March 20, 2010
Red shirts launch ‘class’ war, move around Thai capital

March 19, 2010
Red-shirt protests hurt Thai tourism

March 18, 2010
Thai anti-government protesters vow to prolong rally

March 15, 2010
Thailand: Grenade attack raises tension as red-shirt protests

March 14, 2010
Thai finance minister woos Japanese investors as red-shirts issue ultimatum

March 13, 2010
Philippines vote seen as lacking transparency

Thai govt wary of violence as red-shirt protesters enter Bangkok

March 12, 2010
Election law jeopardises US’ new engagement with Myanmar

Thai capital remains tense as red shirts begin to mobilise

March 11, 2010
Myanmar junta officially invalidates 1990 election results

March 10, 2010
Myanmar: Junta’s election law ensures NLD leader is out of race

Survey: Graft problem worsens in Indonesia

March 9, 2010
Thai cabinet approves plan to impose security law

March 8, 2010
Myanmar junta announces election laws, poll date yet to be set

Thailand mulls imposing security law ahead of planned red-shirt rally

March 7, 2010
Thai capital braces for ‘red-shirt’ rally

March 5, 2010
Indonesia: President Yudhoyono calls for calm over bank bailout

March 4, 2010
Thai minister says all of Thaksin's wealth should have been seized

March 1, 2010
Thai bourse undaunted by political uncertainty

February 28, 2010
Thailand: Political uncertainty remains key risk factor to economy

February 27, 2010
Thai court orders seizure of $1.4 billion from ex-premier’s frozen assets

Myanmar court rejects appeal for Suu Kyi’s release

February 26, 2010
Myanmar's Suu Kyi may be released - lawyer

February 23, 2010
Yahoo! Philippines launches election website

February 20, 2010
UN envoy upset by junta’s refusal to let him meet Myanmar democracy icon

February 18, 2010
Thailand: Local investors unruffled by political unrest

February 17, 2010
Philippines Elections: Globe, PLDT backing out as data centers

February 16, 2010
UN envoy makes third visit to Myanmar

February 15, 2010
Survey: Thais fear violence if court seizes assets of ousted premier Thaksin

February 14, 2010
Myanmar: Deputy opposition leader calls for dialogue

February 10, 2010
Malaysia asks Myanmar to free Suu Kyi ahead of polls

February 3, 2010
Myanmar junta may free opposition leader during polls

February 2, 2010
Philippine flag-carrier threatened by union strike

February 1, 2010
Indonesian House calls for presidential plane purchase delay

January 31, 2010
Thailand tightens security for judges following death warnings

January 29, 2010
Indonesian President: Govt meets most targets in first 100 days

January 27, 2010
Thai military to help police deal with expected protests

January 26, 2010
Myanmar opposition downplays news about Suu Kyi’s possible release

January 22, 2010
Indonesia lawmakers ask government to delay FTA implementation

January 21, 2010
Thailand: Coalition partners agree to amend constitution

January 20, 2010
Thailand: Violence feared at pro-Thaksin Bangkok airport rally

January 16, 2010
Thai PM stresses need to resolve issues without royal intervention

January 14, 2010
CSIS praises Clinton’s Asia’s Architecture speech

January 13, 2010
Thai court to rule on Thaksin corruption case in February

Cambodian PM: Thai government won’t survive

January 10, 2010
Philippine Elections: Survey shows narrowing gap between two front runners

January 9, 2010
Myanmar: Junta court sentences ex-officials to death for leaking document

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