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March 31, 2010
Korean firm may invest in Indonesian railway project

March 29, 2010
Indonesian car exports rebound to pre-crisis level

March 27, 2010
Climate change on Obama’s agenda during visit to Indonesia

Indonesia wants China to invest in joint ventures

March 26, 2010
Chinese firm wins $4.8 bln coal transport network contract in Indonesia

March 25, 2010
Japanese electronics firm to move factories to Indonesia

March 24, 2010
 ADB, AFD extend $100 million loans to Indonesia for power project

March 23, 2010
Dealers worry Thai unrest may affect car exports to Indonesia

March 22, 2010
Indonesian economy facing investment challenges

March 21, 2010
Indonesia: Oil palm farmers threaten to boycott Nestle products

March 20, 2010
US lowers anti-dumping duty on Indonesia’s plastic bag imports

March 19, 2010
Health reform bill forces Obama to postpone Indonesia visit until June

Indonesia upset by US putting it back on watch list

March 18, 2010
Nestle drops Indonesian firm after eco protests

March 17, 2010
GM launches new sedan in Indonesia

March 15, 2010
Thirty percent of Indonesian exports to China use FTA facility

 March 14, 2010
Let Obama be a PR man for Indonesia, said local university rector

March 11, 2010
Australia’s travel alert upsets Indonesian president

March 10, 2010
Survey: Graft problem worsens in Indonesia

March 9, 2010
Japanese lender to offer $1,215m loan Indonesia’s Paiton project expansion

March 8, 2010
Indonesia cuts tax target in revised 2010 state budget

March 7, 2010
Nestle unit to spend $100 million to double production in Indonesia

March 6, 2010
Netherlands to help promote Indonesia’s crude palm oil

March 5, 2010
Indonesia: President Yudhoyono calls for calm over bank bailout

 March 3, 2010
Indonesia watchdog insists Carrefour a monopoly

March 1, 2010
Indonesia urges rich countries to invest in agriculture

February 28, 2010
Indonesia to open up healthcare, education to foreign funds

February 26, 2010
Indonesia to reopen telecom towers to foreign investment

February 25, 2010
Indonesian environment law may lead to 50% drop in oil, gas production

 February 24, 2010
Indonesia expects flood of Chinese imports in H2, 2010

February 23, 2010
Local requirements may help reduce ACFTA impact

February 22, 2010
Indonesia considers limiting shares purchased via rights issue

February 21, 2010
Indonesia: State firm to lead cement holding company

February 20, 2010
Indonesian employers, unions team up to counter impact of Chinese imports

February 19, 2010
Indonesia: Sumitomo picked for $157m geothermal plant

February 18, 2010
French retailer wins appeal against Indonesia antitrust ruling

February 17, 2010
Indonesia to tighten standard requirements on imports

February 16, 2010
Indonesian car exports seen reaching 80,000 units in 2010

February 15, 2010
Toyota minivan leads Indonesian automobile sales

February 14, 2010
Indonesian Finance minister warns of downside risks to economy

February 13, 2010
Korean firm injects $200m into Indonesian textile plant

February 12, 2010
Indonesian businesses urged to lobby Chinese exporters

February 11, 2010
Indonesian govt sees no real threat from Euro woes

February 10, 2010
Indonesia requests China to renegotiate trade deal

February, 9 2010
Indonesia: Creative industries contribute 7.5% to export earnings

February 8, 2010
Indonesia eyes bigger Japanese investment in 5 years

February 7, 2010
Lack of direct links hampers Myanmar-Indonesia cooperation

Indonesian firm asks for protection from Chinese imports

February 6, 2010
Indonesia’s oil, condensate output at 950,000 bpd

February 3, 2010
Indonesia: ACFTA transforms smuggled goods into legal imports

February 2, 2010
Obama to visit Indonesia in March

February 1, 2010
Indonesian House calls for presidential plane purchase delay

January 31, 2010
Indonesia to build 93 power plants in 2nd project

January 30, 2010
Indonesia to privatise five state-owned companies

January 29, 2010
Indonesian President: Govt meets most targets in first 100 days

January 28, 2010
Indonesian trade minister sees no threat from Chinese imports

January 27, 2010
Indonesia to host int'l Muslim conference on climate change

January 26, 2010
Indonesian govt urged to intensify domestic market protection

January 25, 2010
Indonesia's central bank reaffirms lending boost

January 24, 2010
Minister: Indonesia won’t delay Asean-China FTA implementation

January 22, 2010
Indonesia lawmakers ask government to delay FTA implementation

January 20, 2010
Indonesia’s state energy firm to build $200m LNG terminal in East Java

January 19, 2010
China-Asean FTA should benefit Indonesia, says UK bank unit

January 17, 2010
Indonesian minister: Chinese imports to rise in Q1

Malaysia sees big potential in fishery cooperation with Indonesia

January 16, 2010
Five Indonesian airports ready for open sky

January 15, 2010
Indonesian steel giant sees bright outlook

January 13, 2010
Asean-China FTA: Indonesia to monitor possible rise of imports

 January 12, 2010
Indonesia to open two new economic zones in 2010

January 11, 2010
Indonesia aims at $3bn in fishery export earnings

January 10, 2010
Indonesian flag-carrier to get listed in Q1 2010

January 8, 2010
Indonesia awaits flood of Chinese imports

 January 7, 2010
Indonesia state projects get government guarantor

January 6, 2010
Indonesia: Mining sector to receive $2.5b in investment in 2010

January 5, 2010
Asean-China FTA: Indonesia asks to delay tariff cuts on 228 items

January 4, 2010
Indonesia: Rubber exporters look to sales boost as auto industry recovers

December 29, 2009
Indonesia: Petronas, AKR win fuel supply tenders

December 28, 2009
Indonesia eyes $3.57bn in mining, geothermal investment

December 27, 2009
Uranium-rich Indonesian province poised to set up nuclear power plant

December 26, 2009
Indonesia yet to reach decision on building nuclear power plant

December 25, 2009
Indonesia’s Mitra to divest part of stake in newly acquired firm

Rubber price hits 15-month high on output decline

 December 24, 2009
Indonesia: Foreign businesses demand transparency in Century inquiry

December 23. 2009
Indonesia to equip warships with Chinese missiles

December 22, 2009
Bank scandal could hurt Indonesia’s growth

December 21, 2009
Indonesia expects Obama to visit childhood home next year

December 20, 2009
China-Assean Free Trade:
Indonesian cosmetic, herbal medicine producers want FTA delay

December 19, 2009
Climate Change Summit:
Indonesia urges developed countries to raise grants

 December 18, 2009
Indonesia: Lower House submits recommendations on Asean-China FTA

December 17, 2009
Indonesia finds it hard to take on Chinese imports

December 16, 2009
Indonesian president in Germany, meeting local businesses

December 15, 2009
Indonesian minister sees economy getting stronger in 2010

December 14, 2009
Indonesia seeking to avoid impact from FTA

December 13, 2009
Unilever cuts ties with Indonesian palm oil supplier

December 12, 2009
Indonesia upbeat over mobile marketing prospects

December 11, 2009
Indonesian port signs MoU with IFC for $70m loan

December 10, 2009
Indonesian minister: Development plans needed to fight corruption

 December 9, 2009
EU says corruption, intransparency blocks investment in Indonesia

December 8, 2009
Indonesia capital to build seawall

December 7, 2009
State telecom giant scraps plan to acquire Indonesian tower

December 6, 2009
Indonesia considers raising basic power rates

Malaysia top exporter to West Sumatra, Indonesia

December 5, 2009
Indonesia seeks to readjust China-Asean FTA schedule

December 4, 2009
Indonesia sits on 28,000 mw of geothermal resources

December 3, 2009
Indonesia asks state firms to reconsider Dubai plans

December 2, 2009
Indonesia expects trade with China to exceed $30 billion in 2010

December 1, 2009
Indonesia seeks to delay implementation of China-Asean FTA

November 30, 2009
Indonesian bank sets up units in Malaysia

November 29, 2009
Indonesia’s top telecom firm needs $1bn to finance capex

Indonesia loses 1.1m hectares to deforestation each year

November 28, 2009
Asian lender sets aside $500m for Indonesian power plants

November 27, 2009
Indonesia, Switzerland sets up joint economic commission

November 26, 2009
Indonesia state firm to invest $1b in LNG terminals

November 25, 2009
Indonesia steel pipe industry expected to lose $256m in 2009

November 24, 2009
Indonesia puts key airport projects on priority list

November 23, 2009
French retailer takes on Indonesian antitrust ruling

November 22, 2009
Indonesian gas producers told to focus on domestic market

November 21, 2009
Indonesia, Australia to expand business, trade

November 20, 2009
Mixed outlook for car sales in Indonesia

November 19, 2009
Flood of imports hit Indonesian textile manufacturers

November 18, 2009
Indonesia expects Bali to attract 2.1m tourists next year

November 17, 2009
Indonesia to spend big on fiber optic project

November 16, 2006
Indonesia determined to be the palm oil giant

November 14, 2009
Indonesia state energy firm to spend $4bn in 2010

November 13, 2009
Indonesian chamber concerns over impact of FTAs

November 15, 2009
China promises investment in Indonesian infrastructure

November 12, 2009
US investors see Indonesia’s infrastructure the most attractive

Suzuki moves bike production from Thailand to Indonesia

November 11, 2009
Indonesian flag-carrier sets aside $100m for expansion

November 8, 2009
Trade body votes on anti-dumping case against Indonesia, China

November 7, 2009
Indonesia to remove power restrictions in Java and Bali

November 6, 2009
UK firms eye Indonesia’s energy, power sectors

November 5, 2009
Palm oil giants refuse to vote on greenhouse gas proposal

November 4, 2009
French retail giant’s Indonesian unit found guilty of monopoly

November 2, 2009
Export decline triggers mass layoffs at Indonesian furniture firms

November 1, 2009
Indonesia’s state firm to raise oil output in 2010

ctober 31, 2009
Indonesia govt lends support to MSMEs

October 30, 2009
Indonesia miners told to hire local firms

October 29, 2009
Indonesian agency to streamline investment licensing process

October 28, 2009
Indonesian steel giant plans IPO in H2 2010

October 27, 2009
Indonesia’s state energy firm considers going public in 2013

October 26, 2009
Indonesia won’t leave Asean, says President Yudhoyono

October 25, 2009
JBIC offers $100m loan to Indonesia’s Eximbank

October 24, 2009
New body to help push EU to cut duties on Indonesian tuna

October 23, 2009
Japan remains Indonesia’s largest creditor

October 22, 2009
Indonesian president unveils new cabinet

October 21 2009
Indonesia reaffirms commitment to Asean

October 20, 2009
Indonesia to look into US trade allegations

 Malaysia’s RHB enters Indonesian market via local bank

October 19, 2009
New Indonesian tax law threatens car sales

October 18, 2009
Indonesia appoints representative to Asean HR body

October 17, 2009
Indonesia plans 56% increase in energy investment

October 16, 2009
Indonesia to cap coal shipments to ensure local sufficiency

October 14, 2009
Indonesia expects investment to grow in Q3

October 12, 2009
Indonesia’s state firm to sell ammunition to US shooting club

October 11, 2009
Indonesia’s Pertamina, Exxon unit start talks on Cepu operation

October10, 2009
US accuses Indonesia of subsidising paper products

October 9, 2009
Indonesia expects to draw $6bn into mining sector

October 8, 2009
Indonesia’s telecom giant to shed stakes in subsidiaries

October 7, 2009
Indonesia: Yudhoyono to unveil cabinet after taking office

October 6, 2009
Indonesia: Market regulator to tighten rules on transparency

October 5, 2009
Indonesia: Sumatra's commodities and energy unaffected by quake

October 4, 2009
Indonesia’s Yogyakarta to promote tourism through Batik

October 3, 2009
Indonesia central bank may keep rate as inflation accelerates

October 2, 2009
Indonesia: Energy regulator recommends extensions for four blocks

October 1, 2009
Indonesia’s shrimp exports fall short of orders

September 30, 2009
US expert praises Indonesian president

September 29, 2009
Indonesia, China sign MoUs on infrastructure project cooperation

September 28, 2009
Indonesian corruption watchdog in danger of losing independence

September 27, 2009
Indonesia sees benefits from new G20 framework

Indonesia to raise toll tariffs by up to 18.5 pct

September 26, 2009
Indonesia’s Telkom to launch WiMAX in Q1 2010

September 25, 2009
Indonesian power firm to reduce fuel cost by $2.6bn

September 24, 2009
Indonesia: Toll fee hike to push up car prices

September 22, 2009
Indonesian govt to set up coal terminal in Tangerang

September 21, 2009
Indonesia’s cement market to get boost from state projects

September 20, 2009
Indonesian court rejects suit against Malaysian TV giant

September 19, 2009
Indonesia to delay tariff cuts under Asean-China FTA

September 18, 2009
Indonesian textiles hit extra tariffs in Turkey

September 17, 2009
Indonesia car shipments climb 12% to 3,000 units in August

September 16, 2009
Global lender sees clear skies for Indonesia's economy

September 15, 2009
Indonesia adds incentives to $1.5bn railway project

September 14, 2009
Indonesia targets $19bn in revenue from energy, minerals

September 12, 2009
Indonesian oil and gas blocks attract few investors

September 11, 2009
Indonesian President sees crisis ending soon

September 10, 2009
Indonesia: Stimulus no longer necessary to boost investment

September 9, 2009
Indonesia to raise coal shipments to India

September 8, 2009
Extra tariffs hit Indonesia tire exports to Turkey 

September 7, 2009
Indonesia’s Pertamina says LPG plan exceeds target

September 6, 2009
New rule for oil, gas sector may benefit Indonesian shipbuilders

September 5, 2009
Indonesian flag-carrier to expand Asean routes

September 4, 2009
Indonesia’s food giant to spin off noodle unit

G20 Summit: Indonesia to call for stronger IMF role

September 3, 2009
Indonesia’s shipments inch up on global recovery

September 2, 2009
Indonesia keen to boost solar energy development

September 1, 2009
Indonesia receives 100 trillion rupiah from overseas workers

August 31, 2009
Indonesia’s state energy firm to spend $600m on LPG terminals

August 29, 2009
Indonesian firms seen eyeing BHP project

August 28, 2009
Indonesia looks into alleged sale of islands

August 27, 2009
New halal bill upsets Indonesian firms

August 26, 2009
Indonesia’s national cars await market response

August 25, 2009
Indonesia protests Malaysia’s use of Bali dance in tourism ad

August 23, 2009
Indonesia may raise export duties likely in October

August 22, 2009
Indonesia energy giant to become public non-listed company

August 21, 2009
Indonesia plans greater protection for investors

August 20, 2009
Indonesia sees rising shipments to Japan

Slow output expected to shore up rubber prices

August 19, 2009
Indonesian noodle giant buys plantation firm

$12.5bn bridge to connect Malaysia, Indonesia

August 18, 2009
India NALCO's plant in Indonesia faces delay

August 16, 2009
Indonesia to raise local LPG price

August 15, 2009
Indonesia eyes oil reserves to meet sales

August 14, 2009
Indonesia’s sea fish output hits 64m tons

August 13, 2009
Indonesia promised Hercules cargo planes by US, Australia

Let Suu Kyi contest election, Indonesia tells Myanmar

August 15, 2009
Indonesia eyes oil reserves to meet sales

August 12, 2009
New environment law to tighten business permits in Indonesia

August 11, 2009
Indonesian firms wary of steel dumping from China

August 10, 2009
Japanese firm ends deal to buy LNG from Indonesian plant

Malaysia’s Bank Islam to acquire stake in Indonesian bank

August 9, 2009
ANZ Bank bullsih in Indonesia after acquisition of RBS

August 8, 2009
India expected to boost business presence in Indonesia

August 7, 2009
Malaysia and Singapore affected by haze from Indonesia

August 6, 2009
Indonesia registered 2.9m tourist arrivals in H1

August 5, 2009
Luxury brands keep growth in Indonesia car market

August 3, 2009
Indonesia needs to keep up infrastructure development

August 2, 2009
Indonesian carmaker posts 12.5% decline in H1 net profit

July 31, 2009
Siemens’ Indonesia unit spends 8.7m euro on expansion

July 30, 2009
Indonesia’s Semen Gresik to invest $3.5m in new plant

July 29, 2009
SE Asia’s top rubber makers to cut exports further

July 28, 2009
Trade minister defends "I Love Indonesia" campaign

July 27, 2009
Indonesia has $56.9bn in forex reserves

July 26, 2009
Indonesia projects 3.7% growth in Q2

July 25, 2009
Indonesia’s growth potential attracts Indian car firms

July 24, 2009
Indonesia’s Telkom set to acquire stakes in two firms

July 22, 2009
Chinese investors eye Indonesian car market

Indonesia wants Apec trade financing body

July 20, 2009
Bombs shake, not shatter, market confidence shaken, not shattered

July 19, 2009
Foreign oil firms in Indonesia’s Batam threaten to move out

July 18, 2009
Bali tourism threatened by Jakarta bombings

July 17, 2009
Indonesia, Newmont agree on asset value of unit

July 16, 2009
Envoy sees more Indonesian airlines flying to EU

July 15, 2009
Indonesia, EU to sign partnership agreement

July 13, 2009
Local consortium to buy 10% of Newmont Indonesia

July 12, 2009
Indonesia expects growth to hit 6% in 2010

July 11, 2009
Indonesia seen forming a growth triangle with India

July 10, 2009
Yudhoyono’s possible landslide buoys Indonesian markets

July 9, 2009
Indonesia Elections: Quick count shows Yudhoyono wining big

July 8, 2009
Polls favour Yudhoyono as Indonesia’s elections start

July 7, 2009
Pre-election spending boosts Indonesia consumer confidence

July 6, 2009
EU to lift flight ban on four Indonesian airlines

July 5, 2009
Indonesia Elections: Yudhoyono holds the aces

July 4, 2009
Indonesian flag-carrier to resume European flights next year

July 3, 2009
Indonesia extends Newmont divestment negotiations

July 2, 2009
US energy giant sheds 20% stake in Indonesia blocks

July 1, 2009
Indonesian firms not ready for Asean-China FTA

June 30, 2009
Myanmar, Indonesia trade exceeds $230m in 2008-2009

Indonesian mining law requires foreign firms to sell 20% of shares

June 29, 2009
Indonesian govt urged to better manage foreign debt

June 26, 2009
Indonesia’s state energy firm takes 46% stake in BP’s oil block

June 25, 2009
Japanese firms extend talks on Indonesian LNG sales

June 24, 2009
Local investment firm to buy Newmont’s Indonesia shares

June 23, 2009
UK insurer plans expansion in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam

Indonesia’s new mining regulations ready for approval in August

June 22, 2009
South Korea's STX in refinery talks with Indonesia’s Pertamina

June 21, 2009
Indonesia car sales may decline 25% this year

June 19, 2009
Mideast firm seen investing $1bn in Indonesia plant

Tobacco giant takes $494m stake in Indonesian firm

June 18, 2009
Indonesia sees FTA with Japan to boost autoparts shipments

June 17, 2009
Morgan Stanley sees Indonesia GDP climb to 7% by 2011

June 16, 2009
Malaysia, Indonesia to talk border dispute in July

New connection to benefit net users in SE Asia

June 15, 2009
Malaysia to help Indonesia control haze problem

June 14, 2009
Italian oil firm urged to develop block in Indonesia-Malaysia border

June 13, 2009
Indonesia to assess Newmont unit's value to speed up stake sale

June 12, 2009
Indonesia launches longest bridge to link islands

June 11, 2009
Mining giant to cut 450 jobs at Indonesian project

Maritime Dispute: Indonesia proposes joint patrols with Malaysia

June 10, 2009
Indonesia launches eco-friendly index

Malaysian army chief visits Indonesia amidst maritime dispute

June 9, 2009
New US trade rep in Indonesia to meet WTO chief

Indonesia sees more Asian arrivals in second half

June 8, 2009
Indonesia state energy firm to import gasoline

June 6, 2009
IMF reports show growth contrasts of Thailand and Indonesia

June 5, 2009
Indonesia says Malaysian warships enter disputed area

June 4, 2009
ADB extends $1b loan to Indonesia

June 3, 2009
Coal firms in Indonesia seek acquisition on strong demand

Economy takes centre stage in Indonesia's presidential campaigns

June 2, 2009
Indonesia’s coal giant ships 8m tons of coal to China

May 31, 2009
Indonesia to upgrade military hardware

May 30, 2009
Indonesia expects to meet '09 oil target of 960,000 bpd

May 29, 2009
Indonesia’s presidential election to cost $388m

May 28, 2009
Indonesia’s state miner to wrap up acquisitions in ’09

May 27, 2009
Malaysian firm to expand palm plantation in Indonesia

May 26, 2009
Crisis cuts Indonesia automotive jobs by 20%

May 24, 2009
Tougher resource contracts if Megawati elected Indonesian president

May 23, 2009
Former Indonesia general wealthiest in poll line-up

May 22, 2009
Indonesia to keep cap on tin output

May 21, 2009
Indonesia, Qatar to boost economic, investment ties

May 20, 2009
Total to sign final deal with Japan to supply LNG from Indonesia

May 18, 2009
Five littoral countries sign initiative to save Coral Triangle

Incumbent president tops favourite list in Indonesian polls

May 17, 2009
Indonesia Elections: Yudhoyono faces challenge from Megawati, Kalla

May 16, 2009
Indonesia’s central bank governor resigns to run as vice president

May 15, 2009
Indonesia’s LNG supply to China starts in June

May 14, 2009
Bank chief seen as running mate for Indonesian President

May 12, 2009
German car maker picks Indonesia to launch SE Asia expansion

May 11, 2009
Indonesia’s state-owned firms asked to stop using imports

May 10, 2009
Malaysia’s planter to invest in Indonesia

Democrat Party gets most votes in Indonesia elections

May 9, 2009
Newmont clearing shares of Indonesian unit

May 8, 2009
Indonesia opens new round of bidding for 24 oil, gas blocks

May 7, 2009
Bumi award puts Indonesian market watchdog under spotlight

May 6, 2009
Lenders to release stake in Newmont Indonesia’s unit

May 5, 2009
Indonesia oil firm expands into gold, coal

May 2, 2009
Indonesia Politics: New coalition to take on leading party

April 30, 2009
Indonesia awards 11 new oil, gas blocks

April 29, 2009
Indonesia to announce winners for oil and gas block next week

Crisis dampens property market in Indonesian capital

April 28, 2009
Thai firm to open new Indonesian mine by Q3

April 27, 2009
Indonesia govt, Newmont in talks on divestment

April 26, 2009
Australian firm sells Indonesia gold lode for $211m

April 25, 2009
Indonesia, Malaysia urged to form palm oil cartel

April 24, 2009
Indonesia recovery hinges on US, EU reforms

Indonesian vice president to contend for top job

April 23, 2009
Indonesia: Golkar to break off coalition talks

April 22, 2009
New Indonesian decree to allow underground mining in forests

April 21, 2009
Indonesia lender Muamalat to raise capital

April 20, 2009
Three candidate seen running for Indonesia’s presidential race

April 19, 2009
Indonesia to soon negotiate prices with Newmont 

April 18, 2009
Pipeline problems cause oil production stoppage at Indonesia’s Cepu

April 17, 2009
Indonesia court drops decade-old libel suit against Time

April 15, 2009
Carrefour Indonesia shrugs off monopoly allegations

April 14, 2009
Indonesian market buoyed by increasing votes for ruling party

April 12, 2009
Irregularities mar Indonesian vote

April 11, 2009
Stage set for presidential jockeying in Indonesia

April 10, 2009
Indonesia: Yudhoyono's party seen leading the election race

April 9, 2009
Indonesian polls to indicate chances for the incumbent  

April 6, 2009
Indonesia election campaigns to wrap up today

April 5, 2009
Australian to resume wheat exports to Indonesia

April 4, 2009
Indonesia cuts rates to stimulate growth

April 2, 2009
Indonesia posts trade surplus as imports slide

Thailand, Indonesia to cut rates as inflation eases

April 1, 2009
Global crisis to hit Indonesia's tourism jobs

March 31, 2009
Indonesia's coal firm reports  ten-fold rise in profit

March 30, 2009
Indonesia’s state firms join geothermal plant construction

March 29, 2009
Indonesia to reduce dollar dependency, boost liquidity 

March 28, 2009
Indonesia may delay Tangguh LNG project again

March 27, 2009
Chinese firm axes Indonesian nickel project

Hard Rock eyes hotels in Asia’s ‘gateway’ cities

March 26, 2009
Indonesia president calls for new global order

March 25, 2009
Papuans reject Indonesian polls, demand referendum

March 24, 2009
Indonesia's Bakrie to build offshore gas pipeline

March 23, 2009
Indonesia, Australia sign maritime MoU 

March 21, 2009
Songs, dances add colour to Indonesia’s election campaigns

March 20, 2009
Crisis impact on Indonesian exports getting worse 

March 18, 2009
Indonesian state oil firm to pick gas block partners in a month or two

March 17, 2009
Canadian firm, Indian power plant in talks on Indonesian coal

Indonesia: General election campaign kicks off

March 16, 2009
Indonesia's President sees economy expanding in 2009

March 15, 2009
Indonesia’s top telecom firm to launch iPhone 3G 

March 14, 2009
Singapore to host ‘orchid-naming ceremony’ for Myanmar PM 

March 13, 2009
Indonesia eyes $580m from global Islamic bond issue

March 12, 2009
Indonesian exports to fall 6% in 2009

March 11, 2009
Indonesia, Korea sign deals worth $6bn 

March 10, 2009
Indonesia Elections:
Golkar, PPP ‘to cooperate’ for votes

March 9, 2009
Indonesia Economy:
$6bn stimulus package to prop up growth

March 8, 2009
Indonesia, Korea to strengthen trade ties

March 6, 2009
Infrastructure projects ready to roll

Thailand Economy:
GDP to contract 1% in 2009 

March 5, 2009
Indonesia secures $5.5bn in standby loan

March 4, 2009
Indonesia: Debt buyback could be a boost for bond market

March 3, 2009
Biofuel dreams evaporate as oil price falls

Indonesia: Export plunge may force govt to raise spendin

Malaysian PM: 'Unbridled greed' key cause of economic woes 

March 2, 2009
Indonesia’s new mining law fails to clear doubts - survey

February 28, 2009
Indonesia to raise $500m more from Samurai, global sukuk bonds

February 27, 2009
Indonesia sells $3bn debt in 2 tranches

February 26, 2009
Indonesia's agri giant posts 27% decline in Q4 profit

February 24, 2009
Asean plans electronic stock link in 2010

Indonesia plans more bonds to boost budget

February 21, 2009
Indonesia steel giant faces slump

Thai PM: Regional effort needed to solve Rohingya issue 

February 20, 2009
Clinton in Indonesia, promoting ties with Muslim world

Australia, Indonesia to press forward with free trade pact

February 19, 2009
Clinton in Jakarta to seek new strategic partnership

February 18, 2009
Chevron sets date to decide on Indonesia deepwater gas project

February 16, 2009
Indonesia's Niaga bank sees loan growth slowing down

Indonesia: Non-oil exports likely to decline 20-30%

February 15, 2009
Indonesia, Japan sign gas sales extension

February 14, 2009
Indonesia's Telkom mulls taking stake in Iran’s TCI 

February 13, 2009
Indonesia: State oil firm urged to build new refineries

February 12, 2009
Rohingya issue on agenda at Asean, UNHCR meetings

February 11, 2009
Financing problems seen hitting Indonesia power projects

February 10, 2009
Indonesia: Bad loans up 35% to $1.24bn in 2008 

February 9, 2009
Indonesia Presidential Elections:
Yudhoyono yet to reveal running mate

February 7, 2009
Indonesia: No postponement for global bond issue

February 6, 2009
Indonesia seeks eyes swap deal with Japan

February 5, 2009
Indonesia: Rate cuts to lift growth, more likely to follow

Thailand: Rohingya migrants to be sent back ‘home’

February 4, 2009
Indonesia expects 2% rise in gas output 

February 3, 2009
Indonesia tourist arrivals miss 2008 target

January 31, 2009
Indonesia: Exports slip after 20% increase in 2008

January 30, 2009
Indonesia to launch global bond next week

January 29, 2009
Indonesia’s tin miner delays projects as investment continues

January 28, 2009
Indonesia unveils $6.3bn stimulus plan

Indonesia: Astra Agro reports rise in crude palm oil sales

Thai coal miner plans $160m investment in 2009 

January 27, 2009
Indonesia plans protection for securities investors

January 26, 2009
Indonesia to push power plant development 

January 25, 2009
Indonesia to cut taxes on listed firms, service companies

January 23, 2009
Indonesia Presidential Elections:
Polls set for July and September, 2009

January 21, 2009
Indonesia: Small firms remain optimistic 

January 18, 2009
EU yet to lift ban on Indonesian airlines

QTel ready to raise stake in Indonesian firm

January 17, 2009
Indonesia: Exxon Mobil's Natuna gas proposal rejected

January 15, 2009
Indonesia sees need to revise budget to maintain growth

January 14, 2009
Indonesia's cement consumption up 11.5% in 2008

January 13, 2009
Indonesia: Govt says Exxon’s rights in Natuna terminated since 2005

January 12, 2009
Indonesia’s car sales seen down 30% in 2009

January 11, 2009
Indonesia: New export policy may spook buyers

January 10, 2009
Indonesia to cut fuel prices again

January 9, 2009
Japan’s Inpex to build $19.6bn LNG plant in Indonesia

January 8, 2009
Indonesia central bank cuts rates to boost growth

Indonesia’s coal giant buys mining operator stake for $218m

January 7, 2009
Indonesian non-oil export growth seen slowing

January 6, 2009
Indonesia to create jobs, growth with $6.55bn stimulus

January 4, 2009
Indonesia to use unspent funds to curb crisis in 2009

January 2, 2009
Indonesia GDP at 6.2% in 2008

December 30, 2008
Indonesia postpones trade pacts with Australia, New Zealand

December 29, 2008
President urges Indonesians to remain positive amidst global crisis 

December 28, 2008
Indonesia may cut fuel prices again

December 26, 2008
Indonesia’s Bakrie seals J-V deal with Northstar

December 25, 2008
Economic Stimulus:
Indonesia to spend $9.2bn on infrastructure in 2009

December 24, 2008
Indonesian central bank to introduce new rules for financial products

Indonesia Tourism:
Same arrival numbers, but drop in spending seen next year 

December 23, 2008
Indonesia, China sign energy, trade deals worth $4b

Indonesia mulls adjusting mining contracts

December 22, 2008
Indonesia Tourism:
Eight million visitors expected in 2009

Thailand-Cambodia Border Dispute:
Indonesia sees a role to help resolve conflict

December 21, 2008
Indonesia sees job losses topping one million in 2009

December 20, 2008
Indonesia expects investments from Middle East

December 19, 2008
Indonesian: New bill passed to set up independent tourism board

December 18, 2008
Indonesia’s coal giant sees sales, output up in 2009

Indonesia central bank mulls cutting rates

December 17, 2008
Indonesia: World trade talks should resume

December 16,2008
Gem Diamonds to suspend Indonesia mine operations

December 15, 2008
Indonesia: New Zealand asking too much on trade deal

Indonesian govt to cut and cap fuel prices

December 14, 2008
Indonesia mobile firm borrows $214m to expand network

Top producers to cut rubber exports by a sixth

December 12, 2008
Indonesia, Malaysia in security cooperation amid financial crisis

Indonesian parliament ready to pass mining law

December 11, 2008
Indonesia: Additional 7% tax slapped on cigarette firms

December 10, 2008
Indonesia’s central bank unit declared bankrupt

December 9, 2008
Indonesia: Central bank’s new rule to facilitate exports

December 8, 2008
Indonesia govt concerns over mass layoffs in car industry

December 7, 2008
ADB lends $5bn to Indonesia 

December 6, 2008
Philippines’ seaweed exports to grow 14%

Indonesia’s state energy firm to partner with Exxonmobil, Shell

ADB: Major cleanup to be launched for polluted Indonesian river

December 5, 2008
Indonesia, China offers best bargains in bad loans 

Scrutiny looms over Clinton’s Indonesian ties 

December 3, 2008
Indonesia: Bourse to ask details of Bakrie-Northstar deal

December 2, 2008
Indonesia records 54% rise in FDI

December 1, 2008
Thai feed maker cuts investment in Indonesia

Indonesia urges banks to share central bank’s burden 

November 30, 2008
Indonesia Telecoms:
Qtel agrees to up Indosat offer price

November 29, 2008
Indonesia: Northstar, Bakrie sign debt buyout deal

November 28, 2008
Northstar seen buying only 10-20% of Bumi

Indonesia president’s in-law arrested in graft scandal

November 27, 2008
Indonesian Navy worries rise in piracy due to credit crisis

November 26, 2008
Indonesia seeks loan from Australia for infrastructure projects

November 25, 2008
Indonesia tells foreign drug firms to set up local units or quit

November 24, 2008
Bloggers urged to help promote Indonesia’s tourism

Indonesia, Malaysia signs accord on air patrols

Price crash hits small palm oil farms 

November 23, 2008
Indonesia: Oil-rich states should help ease global crisis 

November 22, 2008
Indonesia: Malaysia’s duty extension on newsprint unfair 

November 20, 2008
Support for Rupiah Currency
Indonesia govt to order energy firms to use local banks

November 19, 2008
Indonesia central bank: No 'irrational' rupiah level

Bakrie squeezed by tight credit as crisis slams Indonesia

November 18, 2008
Indonesia state firm names candidates for Natuna gas

November 17, 2008
Indonesia's Bakrie considers adjusting Northstar

November 16, 2008
Indonesia’s textile firms see slower export growth

Indonesia's central bank insists banking sector solid

November 15, 2008
G-20 Summit
Indonesia: Quick, joint action needed to stabilise markets

November 14, 2008
Indonesian coalminer to repurchase 17% of outstanding shares

Indonesia awards exploration rights to Thai oil firm

November 13, 2008
Northstar to buy Bumi despite share price drop

November 12, 2008
Indonesia sees 8% growth next year

November 11, 2008
Greenpeace blocks Indonesian palm oil ships

Indonesia plans to stock coal for local supply

November 9, 2008
Indonesia, Malaysia to limit palm oil supply

Indonesia: Presidential Elections 2009:
Two candidates face off in war of words

November 8, 2008
Indonesia central bank: Inflation target achievable

November 7, 2008
San Miguel bid fails to shore up Indonesia’s Bumi shares

Indonesia holds rates to support rupiah

November 6, 2008
Indonesia’s Bumi Resources allowed to resume trading

Impact of global crisis looming - Indonesia central bank

November 5, 2008
Security tightened for Indonesian president after death threat

November 4, 2008
Indonesia’s Bakrie group urged to detail Bumi deal

Indonesia’s inflation eases, but rates seen unchanged

November 3, 2008
Indonesia: Oil Exploration
Exxon, Inpex to pour $144.5m into new blocks

November 2, 2008
Indonesia’s Bakrie group sheds Bumi stake

Indonesia mobile firm’s tower sale plans on track

November 1, 2008
Indonesia’s automaker reports 61% profit growthOctober 3

October 31, 200
Indonesia's lender records Jan-Sep profit up on loans, fees

October 30, 2008
Talks on asset sales unfinished, says Indonesia’s Bakrie 

October 29, 2008
Indonesia: Investors warned of possible fallout from Bakrie debacle

October 28, 2008
Indonesia to consider cutting fuel prices

October 26, 2008
Indonesia wary of Chinese steel product flooding local market

Indonesia central bank: Indover bailout a 'necessary risk'

October 25, 2008
Indonesia central bank to rescue unit n Netherlands

October 23, 2008
Indonesia expects investment from 25 US firms 

October 22, 2008
Donggi LNG Project:
Pertamina to make investment decision before year end

October 21, 2008
Indonesia’s LNG project coming on stream early 2009

October 19, 2008
Indonesia, Malaysia to improve trade ties

Indonesia lifts ban on trading of Bakries firms 

Indonesia Elections 2009:
Yudhoyono takes the lead again: Survey

October 18, 2008
US firms awarded exploration rights on 22 blocks in Indonesia

October 16, 2008
Qtel eyes stake in Indonesia’s listed telecom firm

Korea seeking extension  of LNG contract with Indonesia

October 15, 2008
Indonesia cuts 2009 budget inflation target

October 14, 2008
Government’s guarantee boost Indonesian stocks

October 13, 2008
Indonesian bourse resumes trading, share prices fall 

October 10, 2008
Indonesia keeps its bourse closed as Wall Street dives

October 9, 2008
Indonesia footwear industry draws $171m in new investment

October 8, 2008
Malaysia’s Astro demands compensation from Indonesian firm

Asean Charter: Full ratification in sight 

October 7, 2008
Indonesian President calls meeting as inflation hits a 2-year high

October 6, 2008
Indonesia bourse to let BII trading resume

October 3, 2008
US Financial Bailout
Failure won’t affect Indonesian economy - Govt 

October 2, 2008
CVC to spend $1bn to buyout of SE Asian companies

October 1, 2008
Indonesia mulls closing loss-making state firms

Malaysia’s Maybank wraps up BII deal 

September 30, 2008
Indonesia Elections 2009
Kalla likely to run with Yudhoyono 

September 29, 2008
Maybank asked to lower bid price for Indonesia’s BII

UN General Assembly:
Indonesia calls for end to veto misuse

Indonesia’s Yudhoyono confirms running for second term

September 28, 2008
Chinese Milk Scandal:
Indonesia to imprison or fine melamine-laced product offenders

September 26, 2008
Indonesia’s PGN to supply gas to power firm

September 24, 2008
Indonesia considers holding company for airports

September 23, 2008
Indonesia investors burned by US credit crisis – Jakarta post 

September 21, 2008
Palm Oil Exports:
Indonesian minister lobbies EU over restrictions

September 20, 2008
Indonesia: Corruption watchdog searches office of anti-trust body

State firm IPOs gets greenlight from Indonesia parliament

September 19, 2008
China palm oil import default Indonesia Malaysia commodities

Indonesia: Scandal threatens anti-trust agency’s credibility

September 18, 2008
Indonesian business regulator takes bribe

September 17, 2008
Indonesian car sales up 41% in August

Indian firm plans takeover of Indonesian cement maker

Malaysia’s Maybank’s BII deal given more time

US finance system meltdown:
•    Thailand: Central bank sees little impact on AIG unit
•    Singapore: MAS reassures worried AIG policyholders
•    Philippine banks raise provisions to reduce exposure
•    Indonesia cuts loan rates as US credit woes spread
•    US crisis biggest risk to Asia growth - ADB

September 16, 2008
Indonesia power firm eyes deal with Sumitomo

September 15, 2008
EU promises $250 million grant for Indonesian education

Indonesia: Govt eyes strategic investors for state bank

September 14, 2008
WB plans 4-year aid programme for Indonesia

September 13, 2008
Thai firm plans new coal mine in Indonesia 

September 12, 2008
Sharp Indonesia relocating audio production to Malaysia

Indonesian court rejects Temasek Holdings’ appeal

Investment climate survey:
IFC report neglects context - Indonesian govt

September 11, 2008
Indonesia’s tax overhaul seen a boost 

September 10, 2008
Indonesia leaves oil cartel

September 10, 2008
Malaysia’s Proton to sell new MPV in Thailand, Indonesia

September 9, 2008
Indonesia oil output seen at 405,000 bpd in 2008

September 9, 2008
Indonesia-Australia-New Zealnd Trade:
Indonesia calls for service market opening

September 8, 2008
Indonesian govt plans special jails for graft convicts

September 8, 2008
Malaysian cable TV firm, Lippo breaking ties 

September 8, 2008
Indonesia Presidential Election 2009
Candidates face sophisticated electorate in polls next year

September 7, 2008
Japanese firm to invest $1.5 billion in Indonesia’s power plant

Indonesia: Presidential Election 2009
Gus Dur hints support for Yusril 

September 6, 2008
Govt approves Chevron gas development in E Indonesia

 September 5, 2008
Indonesia to boost trade ties with China's Guangdong 

Indonesian central bank increases rates for the 5th time

Suntech plans $300m solar energy development in Indonesia

September 4, 2008
Robust demand boosts Indonesia steel import

Toyota set to build $27m parts facility in Indonesia

September 3, 2008
Indonesia, Chili to strengthen ties

Indonesia: House passes income tax bill

September 2, 2008
Indonesia: Inflation slows but rate hike seen

Indonesia: Krakatau Steel IPO to be completed this year

September 1, 2008
Indonesian MPs to propose oil, gas law amendment

Indonesian state energy firm to go public without IPO 

August 31, 2008

Malaysia's Maybank mulls abandoning BII deal – reports

Indonesia to rebargain gas deal with China

August 30, 2008

Indonesia eyes higher price for Tangguh LNG

Indonesia: BII takeover up to Maybank

Indosat raises spending by 16%

Indonesia: Anti-graft drive
Funds from Suharto family firm seized

August 29, 2008
Indonesia Presidential Elections 2009:
Yudhoyono, Megawati in close race – independent polls

New oil, gas basins found in E Indonesia

Indonesian government approves flag-carrier’s IPO 

August 28, 2008
Indonesian Toyota to raise prices gradually

Asean agrees to harness nuclear power in region

G33 trying to break WTO impasse: Indonesian minister

August 27, 2008
Indonesia’s central bank considers regional inflation-controlling team

Indonesian exporters warned of new EU regulation

August 26, 2008
Malaysia’s Maybank to resolve stalled BII deal by Sept

Indonesia wants to revive failed WTO talks

GM setting up Asean MPV hub in Indonesia 

Indonesia’s corruption cases keep rising 

August 25, 2008
Adidas to end contract with Indonesia's Inreksa 

Indonesia to control future trading firms

August 24,2008
Minister upbeat over Indonesia, China trade ties

Yogyakarta witness 200% rise in tourist arrivals

August 23, 2008
Indonesia’s Indika to acquire five coal mines

August 22, 2008
ILO urges Indonesia to link growth to job creation

Tata Steel eyes Indonesian power project

August 21, 2008
Indonesia to ban new factories outside industrial zones

August 20, 2008
Indonesian minister says Telcos still healthy despite price war

August 19, 2008
Indonesian govt forms holding company for fertiliser makers

August 18, 2008
Indonesia, Qatar jointly set up $1bn fund

August 17, 2008
Indonesia urged to reject Myanmar junta’s roadmap  

Govt allocates 2 trillion rupiah to deal with climate changes 

August 16, 2008
Indonesia : Yudhoyono pledges peaceful 2009 polls

August 15, 2008
Indonesia’s GDP growth tops 6.39% in Q2

Google offers Adwords to Indonesia’s SMEs

August 14, 2008
IMF suggests Indonesia raise interest rates

Indonesia sees C/A surplus slightly down in Q2

August 12, 2008
Production at Indonesia’s Cepu oil block may be delayed

Indonesia: Q2 GDP growth may exceed 6.3% recorded in Q1

August 11, 2008
Indonesia coal exports in July top $453m 

August 10, 2008
Indonesia: Govt may set oil price at $130 in state budget

Indonesia: Korean firms seen pouring $200m into shoes industry

Indonesia’s Muslim group protests US intervention

August 9, 2008

Indonesia: Sumatran haze causes flight delays

Bank Indonesia to keep rupiah rates in check

Indonesia may give Maybank more time for BII deal

August 8, 2008
Indonesia regulator may ease BII sale rule

Indonesia’s Inco H1 profit drops 58% 

August 7, 2008
Indonesia’s Bayan aims at higher 2009 coal output

August 6, 2008
Indonesia central bank raises key rate to 9%

Indonesia’s 2008 motorbike sales may hit 6mln 

August 5, 2008
Indonesia central bank to use all tools to curb inflation

August 4, 2008
Indonesia’s Bangka Belitung tin exports soar 95%

Indonesia’s central bank likely to raise key rate

August 3, 2008
Indonesia: Tourist arrivals up 6.2% in June

Indonesian court asked to rethink Time ruling

Indonesia: US seeks cooperation Islamic organisations

Indonesia: Krakatau Steel privatisation set for November

August 2, 2008
Maybank did not complete BII deal 

Indonesia’s July inflation nearly reaches 2-year high

August 1, 2008
Thai PTT eyes Indonesia’s Natuna gas field

Indonesia’s Telkom Q2 net profit drops 13.7 pct

July 31, 2008
Contracts signed for Indonesian workers in Japan

July 30, 2008
Indonesia: Astra profit jumps in Q2

Unseasonal rains hit coal output in Indonesia 

Indonesia expands defence ties with Australia

Indonesia to remain Opec member until year end

July 29, 2008
Indonesian government to lower assumed oil price

Japan wants to increase investment in Indonesia

July 28, 2008
Indonesia Retail Market:
Matahari, Hero buoyant despite high inflation

Survey: Orders for office space up 280% in H1 in Indonesia 

July 27, 2008
Indonesia: BII must stay public after tender offer

EU not consistent with its flight ban: Indonesian ministry

Solving Asean problems:
Indonesian president suggests using cultural approaches

July 26, 2008
Asean Charter:
Indonesia, Thai parliaments to start work on ratification

Indonesia President won’t visit EU until flight ban ends

OECD calls on Indonesia for more liberalisation 

July 25, 2008
China exim bank to finance 3 Indonesian power projects

July 24, 2008
Indonesian: Tea exports seen rising 8%

Indonesia: BII’s stake sale to Maybank approved

July 23, 2008
Indonesia says QTel limited to 49% Indosat stake

Indonesia: Central bank official sees lower inflation

Indonesia: Samsung keen to invest $1.63bn in biodiesel project

July 22, 2008
Indonesia: Regions ordered to cut investment red tape

Indonesia’s JICT to expand Jakarta container terminal

July 21, 2008
Indonesia: Power policy needs review

China to build two steel plants in Indonesia

July 20, 2008
Pertamina to go through inquiry over fuel imports

Three Indonesian airlines allowed to fly Malaysian routes

July 19, 2008
Indonesia: Govt delays plan to issue global sharia bonds

July 17, 2008
Indonesia Central Bank: Economy rebounds from fuel price hike

July 16, 2008
Indonesia`s biggest IPO seen overshadowed by weak global market

Mitsubishi expects car sales to triple this year 

July 15, 2008
Indonesia defence commission backs Krakatau IPO

July 14, 2008
Indonesia kicks off 9-month election campaign

July 13, 2008
Indonesia sees threat from Thai `eco` car

Indonesia: Maize production to increase by 11% this year

July 12, 2008
Indonesia 2008 car sales to top 500,000 units 

July 11, 2008
Indonesian watchdog seeks ‘missing’ billions

July 10, 2008
Indonesia’s Destinasi Tirta to acquire Thai, Malaysian tour firms

July 9, 2008
Indonesia’s vehicle sales up 36% in H1

July 8, 2008
Nissan eyes 30% share Indonesia’s SUV market

July 7, 2008
Cooperation needed to settle Indonesian electricity crisis

July 6, 2008
Power crisis may force Japanese firms to quit Indonesia

July 5, 2008
Indonesia: Total gas fields inaugurated

July 4, 2008
Indonesia: Tax rate on dividends likely to be halved

World Heritage listing: Thailand to withdraw support for Cambodia 

Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia want stable price for rubber 

July 3, 2008
Indonesia's June vehicle sales seen up 36%

July 2, 2008
Indonesia set to become major rice exporter

July 1, 2008
Indonesian govt wary of more fuel price hikes

June 30, 2008
Indonesia's Krakatau Steel returns to profit

June 29, 2008
Asian countries under test in face of inflation

Japan requests Indonesia to send 1,000 workers

June 28, 2008
Indonesia: Krakatau Steel likely to opt for IPO

June 27, 2008
Saudi businesses to pour $2bn into Indonesia’s agro-industry

June 26, 2008
Indonesia expects record investment in 2008-09

June 24, 2008
Indonesia, US to start Namru-2 talks

June 23, 2008
Indonesian minister: Target for Chinese tourist arrival still low 

June 22, 2008
Despite economic woes American arrivals to Indonesia grow

June 21, 2008
Indonesia: Telkom shareholders approve share buyback

June 19, 2008
Indonesian flag carrier teams up with Turkish Airlines

June 18, 2008
Indonesian parliament passes Islamic banking bill

June 17, 2008
Indonesia’s foreign direct investment rises in Jan-May

June 16, 2008
Toyota’s low-cost car may be built in Indonesia

Indonesia’s longest bridge to be completed early 2009

June 15, 2008
Govt to lower Internet rate

June 13, 2008
Indosat agrees $450 mln syndicated loans

June 12, 2008
Soaring fuel prices trigger street protests

Australian PM on a three-day visit to Indonesia

June 10, 2008
QTel to raise Indosat stake despite trust ruling

June 9, 2008
Two-way trade targeted at $10bn by 2009

June 8, 2008
Temasek unit disposes stake in Indosat

June 7, 2008
Indosat: mobile users up 22% in Jan-May

June 6, 2008
Govt to propose selling Krakatau Steel via IPO

June 4, 2008
Bali annual art fest to draw participants from 12 countries

June 3, 2008
SingTel wants to keep Telkomsel stake

EPA implementation under way

June 2, 2008
More fuel price hikes likely

May 31, 2008
New bidding on oil, gas blocks in October

May 30, 2008
Garuda to ask EU to lift flight ban

May 29, 2008
Indonesia to quit OPEC

May 28, 2008
FTA to take effect July 1

May 27, 2008
Finance ministry: fuel price hike is firmly legitimate

GDP can reach 6.9% in 2009 – central bank

Minister: Krakatau must be privatised this year

May 24, 2008
Govt finally raises fuel prices

May 23, 2008
City-state to open trade office on Indonesia’s Batam

Fuel price hike will push interest rate above 12%

May 22, 2008
Temasek files appeal against telco ruling

Govt almost ready to hike fuel price

May 20, 2008
Temasek ruling won’t deter foreign investors: Lutfi

May 19, 2008
Neighbours pledge to settle Borneo border row

May 18, 2008
Govt limits fuel purchases ahead of price rise

May 17, 2008
Planned fuel price hike faces growing opposition

May 12, 2008
Motorbike sales up despite fuel hike

May 11, 2008
First quarter growth up 6

May 10, 2008
Court upholds ruling on Temasek

May 9, 2008
ArcelorMittal plans to pour $5-10 bn into joint venture

May 7, 2008
Govt to tighten mineral export rule

May 6, 2008
Fuel prices to go up to save budget

May 5, 2008
Hong Kong toy makers to explore opportunities in Indonesia

May 4, 2008
India’s Tata, Australia’s BlueScope woo Krakatau Steel

May 3, 2008
Thai PTT eyes LNG from Indonesia’s Tangguh

April inflation jumps, subsidies in focus

May 2, 2008
Foreign flights increase could benefit tourism

May 1, 2008
Indonesia to promote tourism, culture in Saudi Arabia

April 30, 2008
Govt urged to revise shrimp import policy

April 29, 2008
Govt advised to raise fuel prices in June

April 28, 2008
Inflation likely to accelerate in April as food prices rise

PTT subsidiary takes over Indonesian palm oil firm

April 26, 2008
Raise fuel prices in June, govt advised

ArcelorMittal in talks with govt

April 24, 2008
Inflation seen hitting 18 month high

April 23, 2008
High external inflation a serious threat

April 22, 2008
Two securities firms banned over IPO

April 21, 2008
Govt advised against selling Krakatau Steel to Mittal

“China Desk” to boost cooperation

Indonesia sees stronger economic, trade, tourism ties

April 20, 2008
Asean tackle rice price hikes

April 18, 2008
Pharmaceutical industry highly dependent on imports

April 16, 2008
Critics question rice export plan

April 15, 2008
Indonesia poised to become the top producer

Toyota keeps market leadership

Investment up around 80% in Q1

April 14, 2008
Economic pact may come into effective in July

April 13, 2008
Indonesia won’t boycott Beijing Games

April 12, 2008
Govt to regulate rice exports

April 11, 2008
Central bank chief arrested in graft case

April 10, 2008
Govt urged to review rise in export tax on palm oil

April 9, 2008
Indonesia’s Parliament does not need to ratify the charter

Hong Kong firms may move to Indonesia

April 8, 2008
Govt told to control gas cylinder trade

April 7, 2008
Elections set for April 2009

April 6, 2008
Malaysian firms in ‘Smart Mosque’ project

Rubber exports to China jumps 63%

April 4, 2008
Two navies sign cooperation agreement

April 3, 2008
Govt eyes $11.8bn from textile exports in 2009

April 2, 2008
Trade surplus drops to $2.71bn in Feb

April 1, 2008
Truck sales climb 169% in Feb, led by Mitsubishi

Russian expert warns of bird flu pandemic

March 31, 2008
Japanese assistance requested for diversification

March 30, 2008
Textile expo an opportunity to machine makers

March 29, 2008
Indonesia cannot avoid building nuke plants – expert

March 28, 2008
Suharto acquitted, charity found guilty

Ministers talk industry cooperation

UN asked to address impact of price hikes

March 27, 2008
Thai PM in Jakarta to promote bilateral trade

Maybank offers $1.2bn for 56% stake in Indonesia’s BII

March 26, 2008
Elnusa to develop giant oil reserve

March 25, 2008
Dua Kuda Indonesia to Expand Capacity

March 23, 2008
Furniture club projects 10% rise in exports to China

March 22, 2008
House debate on presidential election

March 22, 2008
Jakarta-Moscow flights must be resumed - Jero Wachik

March 21, 2008
Dubai firms expected to commit $3.5 billion in Indonesia

March 20, 2008
Fuel price to be revised in 2008 budget

FDI approvals up 20% in January

Russia's Floating N-plant:
Indonesia among potential customers

March 19, 2008
Mercedes plans bus production base

March 18, 2008
Govt hints further budget cuts for state agencies

March 17, 2008
State firm raises fuel prices for industrial use

March 16, 2008
Maybank seen likely to acquire BII stake

Reanult won’t get land for free

March 15, 2008
French businesses offered opportunities to develop Banten

Lawmakers set to reject Asean haze pact

March 14, 2008
Japan sees Indonesia presence crucial

March 13, 2008
Govt plans to build four nuke plants through 2025

March 12, 2008
Minister warns over soaring oil subsidies

March 11, 2008
Passengers numbers forecast to rise 18%

March 7, 2008
Pertamina, Iran firm in $2bn deal to build refinery

March 6, 2008
Visitors warned not to visit Bali on Friday

March 5, 2008
Deficit running for four years in a row

March 4, 2008
Japan`s Kobelco to expand Indonesian plant

March 2, 2008
Toyota's unit to produce, export diesel SUV

March 1, 2008
Meeting of 14 nations to help UN envoy’s effort

February 29, 2008
Indonesia buys 4,000 tons US beef

February 28, 2008
Panasonic to expand plasma TV technology

February 24, 2008
Govt, Freemont talks deadlocked

February 22, 2008
Time Appeals Indonesian Verdict

Business chamber slams power tax plan

February 20, 2008
Lion Air orders 56 Boeings

Pertamina asked to operate Natuna oil block

February 19, 2008
Japan interested in Indonesia’s seaweed

Partners to intensify trade, investment cooperation

February 17, 2008
Govt to consider buying F-16 fighters

February 16, 2008
Growth in 2007 fastest in 11 years

February 15, 2008
US Defense secretary to visit Indonesia

February 14, 2008
Bumiputera to build 63-floor skyscraper

February 13, 2008
Danareksa to be turned into investment holding company

February 12, 2008
Two-way trade reaches $25bn in 2007

Electronics shipments projected to reach $8 billion in 2008

February 10, 2008
Bali earns $72 million from aquatic product exports

February 9, 2008
Bali visited by 154,000 tourists in January

February 8, 2008
Australia, Indonesia sign Lombok Treaty

February 7, 2008
Car exports predicted to rise 38% in 2008

February 5, 2008
Exports grow but fall short of target

Low interest rate to boost car sales in 2008

February 4, 2008
Government cuts import duty on rice

February 3, 2008
Soaring steel prices put squeeze on power project

January 30, 2008
Jambi develops infrastructure for visit year

January 29, 2008
Central bank optimistic on achieving 5% inflation target

January 28, 2008
BMW sales rebound in 2007 in Indonesia

Ex-dictator Soeharto dead 

January 27, 2008
Growth seen at 5-10% in 2008

Hyundai to invest $40mn in truck plant

January 26, 2008
Garuda to have extra flights on China routes late this year

January 25, 2008
Sales of car tires up 7.3% to 42.4mn in 2007

January 24, 2008
Govt to take measures to cope with global slowdown

January 23, 2008
Sales of Mitsubishi vehicles surge 31% in 2007

January 22, 2008
Yudhoyono  opens business advisory council meeting

January 21, 2008
Indonesians grapple over whether to forgive ex-dictator

January 20, 2008
Indonesia-Japan to focus on culture, education, youth

Garuda set to fly 22 thousand passengers from Beijing

January 19, 2008
Pertamina to seek more jet fuel 

January 18, 2008
Minister warns stock market investors of turbulence

January 17, 2008
Defense industry to be jointly developed

January 16, 2008
Price of wheat flour to increase 30% until April

January 14, 2008
Indonesia issues largest global bond to raise $2bn

Myanmar PM delays his visit

Lee Kuan Yew visits Soeharto

January 13, 2008
Bali`s textile, garment imports rise to $5.9mn

Next president urged to renegotiate work contracts with foreign investors

January 11, 2008
Toyota to import Indonesia-made vehicles for sale in Japan

Garuda to raise fuel surcharge

January 10, 2008
Pertamina seeks March sweet grades

January 7, 2008
Garuda flies 21,650 passengers from Beijing to Jakarta in 2007

January 6, 2008
Lampung earns $276mn from coffee exports

January 5, 2008
Indonesia, Japan enters 2008 with heart-to-heart diplomacy

January 4, 2008
New restrictions on foreign retailers

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