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AseanAffairs Magazine September - October 2010

Thai Prime Minister
Abhisit Vejjajiva

Four months on in the reconciliation process Asean Affairs examines the progress and shortcomings of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s plan to bridge

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 However, the success of an effective system can only be realized with the total commitment of the senior management and all our colleagues. There are constant awareness programs, campaigns and training to ensure all our colleagues are consistently aware of our responsibility to the environment. Some of the initiatives that have been implemented are as follows:

Waste Management Centre - The Waste Management Centre looks into managing the waste that is generated in the hotel. Eleven types of waste (namely bottles, plastic, paper, newspaper, cardboard, soap, cooking oil, wood, cans/tins, metal/iron and food waste) are currently being sold to recycling companies. In return, the monies from recycling are used by the environment related teams to fund their activities. Organic fertilizers that are made from the hotel’s food waste is used in our gardens; the excess is sold to the town council.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel,Kualar Lumper ,Malaysia

Energy savings - In order to reduce the use of energy consumption, some of the initiatives taken are:

  • V-Kool film has been installed on all windows in the public areas as well as the guest rooms. The benefits of V-kool are:
  • Reduction of solar heat gain by over half, ensuring greater comfort whilst reducing cooling costs
  • 99 percent UV screening, which reduces sun fading of fabrics, carpets, furnishings, etc.
  • Each room is fitted with a room management system called Inncom. Some of its benefits where energy management is concerned are:

          - Air-condition monitoring and control features maintain ambient temperature in rooms according to pre-programmed “checked-in” temperature.

          - Room temperatures are switched “on” or “off” depending on its status of rented or vacant.

  • Centralized building management system that manages energy requirements of the building, for example
    -  Chilled water requirements maintained by reducing pump speed when demand is low

          - Programmed lighting for public areas

  • Car park CO2 sensors to manage exhaust/ fresh air handling units

         - Variable Frequency Drives to manage the electrical consumption according to demand

  • Water flow arrestors in showers, bathtub faucets, hand basin faucets, etc.
  • Tunnel washer in laundry to recycle clean water (last wash) to be used in the first wash bin
  • Laundry dryers used only when maximum load is reached

Smart Purchasing

  • The hotel’s Materials Management concept of buying items just-in-time (JIT concept) has ensured that there is minimal inventory of items (food and non-food). As such there are fewer possibilities of wastage or obsolete items.
  • With the food safety management system in place, there are also benefits that go hand-in-hand with environmental initiatives, which are:

          - All packaging is removed at the time of delivery and returned to suppliers for reuse.

  • Stringent controls over food and beverage purchasing, delivery and storage ensures that there is close to zero spoilage.
  • The Integrated Pest Management system ensures that there are minimal pest incidences, which also helps prevent wastage.
  • Regular inspections of supplier vehicles and their compliance to local regulatory requirements plays a hand in ensuring that supplier vehicles are in good condition, reducing carbon discharge.............



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