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VDO: Highlights of the Thai Election 2011- Special TV Show


The Event Agenda

2.30 - 3.30 p.m.
Moderator/Anchor :
Swarup Roy, Founder & Chairman of AseanAffairs

Segment 1: Thai Elections, Political Landscape

What are the chances for reconciling Thailand after this election?

Political differences in Thailand exist as they do elsewhere around the world. They stem from a multitude of reasons and with each side backed by their own constituencies and supporters, in this case the so-called “Red Shirts” and “Yellow Shirts.” It would be too simplistic though to pigeonhole these groups as both have supporters and detractors who do not fit neatly into the “rich versus poor” or “urban versus rural” divide.

Governments have faced strident and destructive street protests by significant numbers of people opposed to that government. Major parties have called for the results of the election to be respected. What are the chances for that? Does that depend who wins the election or what party can form a government?


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3.45 - 4.45 p.m.
Moderator/Anchor :
Moderator/Anchor, Swarup Roy, Founder & Chairman of AseanAffairs

Segment 2: Thailand's Economy

Will the firewall protecting Thai businesses from politics continue to hold?

Economics, business

Foreign investors have fled Thailand in the months leading to the election. How can their confidence be restored? In ANY new government, what should be the economic priorities? What are the biggest economic challenges for the new government?

Large handouts have been promised by political parties in the election. A recent poll conducted by Bangkok University showed most economists favoring the economic policies of the Democrat party. Where does that leave Pheu Thai, or are most of those economists Democrats?

Q&A from audience


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