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Air, Water and Earth (AWE) is the theme of Save Our Planet5 conference. Three ‘AWEsome’ elements that sustain life on our planet. Our ‘Awful’ actions in the name of progress has poisoned these awesome elements to levels that now threatens the very survival of the human race.

Air P
 What should we do Now?
The time to Save Our Planet
& Ourselves is NOW !
Say one word, ‘NO’ to this madness that has been going on for centuries. If we don’t stop it, we will all die.
No one in their right mind can believe everything is okay in this world. In essence, there comes a time in every person’s life when a major decision for self-preservation must be made.
How long do you seriously think mankind can stay on its current path of destruction that is destroying our planet? Do you honestly think that poisoning our air, water and food
supply is going to hurt mother earth? Mother earth will in time readjust the imbalances created from our negligence.
However, with respect to the human beings who inhabit this planet, it is we who shall pay the price for actions taken against mother earth, and we shall pay for our mistakes with our very lives. Therefore, it’s time for the people of the
world to make a serious decision for self preservation of the human race. People, let us get our priorities in order as the clock is ticking.
There will only be an increase in climatic changes on a global scale creating massive earth shifts, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, drought, flooding, with air and water pollution and unstable temperature changes causing global starvation and disease. The time to act is Now. Join the SAVE OUR PLANET movement. Become a member. This is your contribution to SAVE OUR HOME. To become a member register on and
We will all die in a few minutes if we stop breathing or there was no air on the planet. That is how important air is to our survival. Without air, the planet will survive, we will not. So why are we contaminating the very element that makes planet Earth our only home and human life possible?
Are we creating a ‘NEW’ (Poisonous) air for an alien

Water P
Water is the elixir of life! Water gives life and it can also take life. Tsunamis can wipe out populations in the blink of an eye. We are made up of water and water covers 71 percent of the earth’s surface. Without fresh water we will die surely as we die without air. So why have we been systematically poisoning the very elixir of human life?
By 2025 it is expected that half of the world’s population may have difficulty getting water. Is water becoming the “new oil?”
Earth P

From the earliest known humans, earth has always been referred to as ‘MOTHER EARTH’. She is the mother who has always cared for her children, the human race. So what have we done? We have pillaged, looted, scarred, poisoned, wounded, and done everything to contaminate the third element, ‘Earth’ with all our technological might. The food that mother earth helps us to produce is under a great threat today. Billions are in danger of starving to death.

We have poisoned all 3 elements that make us.


I welcome you to join the movement.

S. Roy ( ,

Founder & Chairman

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