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Save Our Planet Carbon Score Card (SOP CSC): is an appealing way to involve all those involved in the Save Our Planet conferences to grade their carbon footprint in preparing for and participating in the event. Participants would be required to fill out the SOP CSC, preferably prior to the conference. The objectives are:

- Help participants to realize the size of the carbon footprints their businesses create. A number is more telling and impactful, a starting point and a benchmark against which a goal for carbon reduction can be set

- Once the score cards are filled out by participants, the number for all the participants can be totaled for a carbon output of the businesses taking part in the event.

- Next, a mutually accepted goal of reduction can be set. e.g. 10% between now and next year by SOP 2012.

- A tracking mechanism can be set up online whereby participants can post the results of reduction every quarter.

The final goal: to help companies arrive at their Carbon footprint number, learn the steps to reduce that footprint from the conference and set a time bound goal of reduction.

- Awards and recognitions to the participants who achieve the CSC goals will follow in the SOP conferences in 2012.

There are solutions and technologies for a cleaner and greener world available in some of the countries of the world today. However to actualize them in the countries in Asean/Asia will take more than just technology transfer. It will require delving into the challenges faced by these countries at a local level and finding and applying the appropriate solutions. In order to do that we propose the creation of an endowment chair funded by supporters/sponsors of Save Our Planet Conferences at our Knowledge Partner Universities to fund research and create clean and green energy solutions for specific Asean countries to address specific climate change challenges.
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