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A Series of events in South East Asia launched in Bangkok on 12th March 2010
followed by Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, and Jakarta and a mega conference.
Highlight:  Save Out Planet1

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Registration: 10.30am onwards Lunch :11.30-1pm 1pm: Program starts


1.00 pm :
MC: Dr Valerie McKenzie: Presenter of Thailand’s Longest running TV Program in English, Morning Talk
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Welcome by Mom Luang Rajadarasri Jayankura, Chairwoman of Asean Affairs
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Welcome address by Swarup Roy, Founder & CEO of Asean Affairs
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COPENHAGEN Climate Change Summit and its Implications
1.15 pm :
A climate time bomb already at 2° !
Challenges and Opportunities of the Copenhagen Climate Conference (Keynote)
Dr. Michael Nobel
Founder, the Nobel Charitable Trust and guest professor at the Frontier Research Centre, Tokyo Institute of Technology, National University of Japan (Sweden)
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1.35 pm :  
Avoiding Runaway Climate Change: the 'Venus Syndrome’ (2nd Keynote)
Stuart Scott
Director, The Climate Summit , USA.
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1.50 pm :
Beyond Copenhagen - the shift to green energy offers great economic advantages
Dr. Hanns Schumacher
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Thailand
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2.05 pm : 
The Bayer Climate Program - Concept and Practice
Mr. Dominikus von Pescatore
Senior Bayer Representative for Country Group North ASEAN and Managing Director of Bayer Thai Co., Ltd.
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2.30 pm : 
Thai-German Cooperation on Climate Change
Mr. Torsten Fritsche
Director of Resource-Efficiency and Energy German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) (THAILAND)
(Representative) Mr. David Oberhuber,
Country Director Thailand, GTZ
Pictures  ¦  Presentation
2.45-3.15 pm:
Panel Discussion: Moderated by Dr. Raphael L’Hoest, Counsellor for Economic Affairs German Embassy, Bangkok. Panelists: Dr Nobel, Mr Scott, Dr Schumacher, Mr Pescatore and Mr Fritsche
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3.15-3.30 pm:  Coffee Break

ENERGY and Climate Change
3.30-3.50 pm:
Energy and Emerson’s Impact on the Carbon Footprint
Mr. Tony Novak

Country General Manager Emerson (Thailand) Ltd.
3.50-4.00 pm:
Smart and Responsible Energy Management
Mr.Niraj Sharan

Chairman Aura Inc & Aura Energy - US, Italy & India
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4.00-4.20 pm:
Hybrid Fuel Cell Energy-Delivering green energy and technology to Asia.
Dr. Chris D'Couto
President & Chief Executive Officer Neah Power Systems, Seattle, USA
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4.20-4.30 pm:
Zero Emission in a School Setting
Dr. Art-ong Jumsai na Ayudhya

Director The Society for the Preservation of Water, Thailand
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4.30-4.55 pm:
Panel Discussion: Moderated by Prof Said Irandoust, President of The Asian Institute of
Technology, Bangkok.
Panelists: Mr Novak, Mr Sharan, Dr. D'Couto, Dr Art-ong

Financing the Fight against Climate Change
4.55-5.10 pm:
Government Financing - The Fight against Climate Change
Mr. Sumit Pokhrel
GMS-EOC climate change specialist ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK , (THAILAND)
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5.10-5.25 pm:
Private Sector Financing- The Fight against Climate Change
Mr. Shayne Heffernan
Co - Founder , Ebeling-Heffernan , (BAHAMAS)
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Climate Change’s Implications for Peace
5.25-5.35 pm:
Climate Change’s implications for Peace.
Chairman The Gusi Peace Prize Foundation, Republic of Philippines

Eco Friendly Energy: From Garbage to Gold
5.35-6.00 pm:
Eco Friendly Energy (EFE): A Unique technology developed over two decades in Japan which converts Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to energy through perfect combustion with zero pollution. Solving the problem of landfills and energy generation at the same time.
Mr. Masaru Takano

General Manager of S.H.C, R&D Centre (Kaga Plant, Japan) on behalf of TIME INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISES CO; LTD, The worldwide representative of this technology.
Contact or email :
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Closing Address
6.00-6.15 pm:
Closing Address
Stuart Scott
Director, The Climate Summit , USA.

Participants from: Germany, China, Sweden, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Japan, Philippines.

Cocktails & Networking By The Pool Side
6.30-8.30 pm:
Cocktails and networking (By the Pool side of Radisson Sathorn)

Participation is By INVITATION ONLY.

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