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Arrival of the Slovenian Prime Minister

The inaugural Horasis Global Russia Business Meeting convened in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 16-18 May 2010. Following the turmoil of the global financial crisis and in the midst of the global economic downturn, the Global Russia Business Meeting provided a valuable and timely opportunity for leaders from government, business and academia to meet and exchange views and ideas on the way ahead for Russia and the world.

Arrival of Dr Danilo Türk, President of Slovenia

We would like to share with you this report which encapsulates the key topics and ideas discussed as more then 200 participants from 20 countries attended the Global Russia Business Meeting, including the following co-chairs: Igor Agamirzyan, Chief Executive Officer, Russian Venture Company, Russia; Claude Beglé, Former Chairman, Swisspost, Switzerland; Vsevolod Chaplin; Archpriest, Russian Orthodox Church, Russia; Jeffrey Chen; Chief Executive Officer, Neopac Lighting Group,Taiwan; Carla Cico, Chief Executive Officer, Rivoli S.P.A., Italy; Tatjana Fink, Chief Executive Officer,Trimo; Dennis Gillings, Chairman, Quintiles, USA; Jim Goodnight, Chief Executive Officer, SAS, USA; Alan Hassenfeld, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Hasbro, USA; Natalya Kaspersky, Chairman, Kaspersky Lab, Russia; Alexander Kiselev, Director General, Russian Post, Russia; Anil Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Ransat Group, UK/India;Wolfgang Lehmacher, President, GeoPost Intercontinental, France; Dmitry Loschinin, Chief Executive Officer, Luxoft, Russia; Petro Poroshenko, Head of Council, National Bank of Ukraine, Ukraine; Cvetka Selˇsek, Chief Executive Officer, SKB, Slovenia; Janez ˇSkrabec, General Director, Riko, Slovenia; Murad Sofizade, Chief Executive Officer, IPnet, Russia; Sergey Vasilyev,Vice Chairman, VEB Bank, Russia.

The Global Russia Business Meeting was organized around what we believe to be the major drivers of growth and forces that will shape the new order, impacting both the financial economy and the real economy, in Russia and the world at large.The assembly of Russian and world leaders brought together under the auspices of the Global Russia Business Meeting sought to contribute to progress toward stability in both a conceptual and a practical way. As Slovenia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Samuel ˇZbogar put it during his welcoming words:
‘I am pleased to welcome to the Global Russia Business Meeting many companies and individuals who have unveiled the secrets of a successful cooperation between Russia and the world and are willing to share those secrets with those who are just embarking on this journey.’

Virtual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, with the co-organizers
‘The negotiations on a new broad agreement between the European Union and the Russian Federation are moving towards a favourable conclusion’ 
Danilo Türk, President of the Republic of Slovenia

As Russian and world leaders flew into Ljubljana for this Horasis leadership event, Russia’s economic recovery was already showing signs of progress. Ironically, the more developed nations - especially some member countries of the European Union - were at a less certain stage, with many encountering deep structural problems.

Nonetheless, at the time of the meeting, there was a cautious feeling of optimism related to Russia.‘Optimism should not obscure the challenges that lie ahead, nor should it be interpreted to mean it is time to withdraw the special responses put into effect to moderate the impact of the crisis,’ said Sergey Vasilyev,Vice Chairman,VEB Bank, Russia. From the Opening Reception to the Closing Dinner, participants expressed their commitment to cooperating toward a strong and fast recovery and a more stable global financial order.

The Global Russia Business Meeting is the next step in making full use of this potential’ 
Borut Pahor, Prime Minister, Republic of Slovenia

At the Opening Dinner of the Global Russia Business Meeting, Borut Pahor, Prime Minister, Republic of Slovenia, noted that ‘the economic and political relationship between Russia and the world has extensive synergies and large potential.’‘Russia will continue to be one of the most important investment locations and trading partners for the Slovenian economy,’ he added.‘I see signs of sustained economic growth as Slovenia will benefit from the continued drive generated by Russia’s expanding economy. Looking ahead, Slovenia sees a broad field of unexploited potential, both in doing business with Russia and in Slovenia as a regional hub for Russia and its partners in globalising their operations.The Global Russia Business Meeting is an important step in making full use of this potential.’

Doku Zavgaev,Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Slovenia

At the same dinner, Doku Zavgaev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Slovenia, told participants:‘We are facing a very serious economic crisis, unprecedented in the history of human mankind.This global crisis calls for global solutions and closer cooperation between Russia and the world.’The Ambassador expressed confidence that Russia’s recovery was underway and on track. At the same time, he left no doubt that he remains cautious, with many imbalances remained to be resolved. He pledged that the government of the Russian Federation would hold steady to the policies it put place to address the crisis. On Russia’s progress toward recovery, he noted that domestic consumption was showing encouraging growth, led by a focus on employment opportunities. Ambassador Zavgaev spoke of accelerating the development of technology, science, and modernization of industry, to make Russia an engine of innovation in the decades ahead. He addressed environmental issues, including the commitment of Russia to promote energy conversation and environmental remediation. On boosting domestic demand, he stressed education, healthcare, and social security as major investment areas for public resources.The Ambassador also pledged Russia’s effort in supporting successful development of international trade and investment.

The Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs with participants
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