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Honoring the Russian Business
Leaders of the Year 2010

Alexander Kiselev, Director
General, Russian Post, Russia
Alexander Borisov, General Director, Moscow International Business Association, Russia, on Russia’s FDI-climate
Tatjana Fink, Chief Executive
Officer,Trimo - the financial crisis only underscores the divergent paths the country can choose to walk.
The last but not the least award went to the leader of one of the Russia’s largest enterprise, owned by government, Alexander Kiselev, Director General of the Russian Post.

Mr. Kiselev is known as the author of the Russian Post reformation concept and was appointed to be the leader of the Russian Post in 2009 after being an assistant to the Minister of Telecommunication and Informatization of the Russian Federation Leonid Reiman and having an experience in several companies including Svyazinvest.

The recession of the 2008-2009 had affected a number of strategic facilities in the Russian Federation, the Russian Post being one of them. Mr. Kiselev states that the Russian Post should make use of the current situation to boost the investments and modernization in those areas where the development potential was previously underestimated.

The Russian Post has elaborated the Program of the Russian Postal Service Infrastructure Modernization, which suggests investment of 101 billion Rubles under its parity financing by the Government (47%) and the Russian Post itself (53%) by 2011.

Dmitry Loschinin in discussion with the two award winners

The number and scope of tasks and functions fulfilled by the Russian Post have significantly increased lately. Mr. Kiselev notes that the post having the ramified branch network and enjoying the population’s credit is able and must expand its presence on the market of financial services and increase their sales volumes.

The planned increase will primarily involve the delivery of pensions and allowances, transfer of postal money orders, acceptance of various payment orders, credit redemption and, in the long term, opening of accounts and effecting banking transactions with them, servicing the bank cards and carrying out operations with securities. By the year of 2011 the Russian Post plans to increase its share on the payments market up to 33% (by 6%).

Russian Post is a sleeping giant, which has only recently begun to stir with the emergence of a new consumer economy in Russia. Russian Post is in many ways a relic of the vast, inefficient state bureaucracies of the Soviet area. However, with vigorous new management, infusions of investment capital, and the rapid introduction of electronic communications, the system is showing signs of new life.

The achievements, excellence and integrity of Mr. Agamirzian, Mr. Loschinin and Mr. Kiselev are indisputable and they truly deserve to be honored as Russian Business Leaders of the Year 2010.

Cvetka Selˇsek, Chief Executive Officer, SKB, Slovenia, with Petro Poroshenko, Head of Council, National Bank of Ukraine, and Alexey K. Pushkov
Galina Malakhova, Partner, Ernst & Young, Russia,
moderating the panel on Russian firms investing overseas
Alexey K. Pushkov, Director, Institute
of Contemporary International Problems, Russia
Aljosa Ivancic,Vice President, Comita, Slovenia
Igor Agamirzyan, Chief Executive Officer, Russian Venture Company, talking about the global economic outlook as Dennis Gillings, Chairman, Quintiles, USA looks on
Christoph Walther, Chief Executive Officer, CNC Communications;
Danica Purg, President, IEDC-Bled School of Management; Leonid Koshelev, Chairman, Jet 2000
Samuel ˇ Zbogar, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Slovenia and Frank-Jurgen Richter, President, Horasis, during the welcome reception
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