Horasis Annual Meeting
26-27 January 2010, Zurich, Switzerland
a Horasis-leadership event

Strategies to Overcome the Global Economic Crisis

Horasis will hold the inaugural Horasis Annual Meeting in Zurich, 27 January 2010. The Horasis Annual Meeting aims to be the foremost annual gathering of business leaders from emerging and developed markets. The meeting’s purpose is to advance solutions to the most critical challenges facing corporations today.

Participants will jointly identify globally relevant business issues and develop sophisticated and interdisciplinary solutions. The event is open to CEOs of the world's leading companies.

The global economic crisis threatens economic stability and social welfare for all emerging and developed markets. At a time of considerable uncertainty, the purpose of the 2010 Annual Meeting is to conceptualize strategies to overcome the crisis.

Esko Aho Former Prime Minister of Finland;
Executive Vice President, Nokia, Finland
Claude Beglé Chairman, Swiss Post, Switzerland
Daniel J. Brutto President, UPS International, USA
Chen Feng Chairman, Hainan Airlines, China
Alan Hassenfeld Chairman of the Executive Committee, Hasbro, USA
Yoshito Hori Chairman, Globis Group, Japan
Wolfgang Lehmacher Chief Executive Officer, GeoPost Intercontinental, France
Bright Simons President, mPedigree Network, Ghana
Niraj Sharan Chairman,Aura, India
Kathryn Hauser Executive Director,TransAtlantic Business Dialogue, USA
Stephen Klimczuk Associate Fellow, University of Oxford, UK
Felipe Larrain Professor, Catholic University of Chile, Chile
Jean-Christoph von Pfetten President, Royal Institute of East-West Strategic Studies, UK
S Roy Chairman, Asean Affairs, Thailand
Upcoming Horasis events:
Global Russia Business Meeting Ljubljana, 16-17 May 2010
Global India Business Meeting Madrid, 21-22 June 2010
Global Arab Business Meeting Ras Al Khaimah, 26-27 September 2010
Global China Business Meeting Luxembourg, 21-22 November 2010

Horasis already hosts annual meetings with focus on China, India Russia and the Middle East. Horasis - a global visions community committed to enact visions for a sustainable future – provides a unique platform for companies from emerging and developed markets to globalize their organizations


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