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First, a brief introduction:
No matter if you are a company or a business organisation based in Southeast Asia (Asean), or have an interest in this region of more than half a trillion consumers, you are welcome to join our campaign, designed to enhance your brand’s visibility.

Build up your brand’s image and increase its exposure by taking the front seat in AseanAffairs’ key online menus and the print edition’s Featured Companies column and drive your message home to our loyal, fast-growing readership. 

Join the companies/organisations already reaching out to their target clients through the channels we have created, monitored and updated continuously, namely:

January -
February 2010
November -
December 2009
October 2009
July - August 2009
Featured Companies
Business Monitors
(planned for March 2009)
Asean Insights (planned for March 2009)
PR Today


Let us tell you more about these channels:


To enhance brand exposure and visibility of a company/organisation and fulfil the growing need of readers seeking ‘real’, well-round-up information 

-key menu in AseanAffairs online, and a regular column in the AseanAffairs print magazine
-essential information including company/organisation profile, performance record, products and services, contacts, etc, supported by images, tables and graphs, minus marketing gimmicks

Enhanced Exposure
1. Appears in the Featured Companies menu
2. Appears in Asean Insights - the monthly digital magazine
3. Links pointing towards the company/organisation page appear in the News Updates and Related Stories pages, if and when there is a story of the company/organisation
4. Link pointing towards the company/organisation page appear in the Interview page, if and when there is an AseanAffairs’ interview with an executive of the company/organisation
5. Link on your website to the company/organisation page in the AseanAffairs’ Featured Companies menu
6. Press Releases from your company/organisation get posted in PR Today, AseanAffairs’ press release service
7. Appears in AseanAffairs’ list of Featured Companies

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BUSINESS MONITORS (planned for September 2009)  

To meet the growing requirement for reliable and updated information on the economies in Southeast Asia as the region is poised to launch a single market of half a trillion consumers

-key menu in AseanAffairs online
-news clippings of companies/business organisations across wide spectrum of industries and business sectors sourced from regional and international media
-categorised by country, industry/business segment and updated daily
-essential research information, updated monthly:
(a) Country Monitors: economy, politics, trade, current issues, key statistics 
(b) Industry Monitors: overview, outlook, current issues, key statistics
(c) Events Calendar



ASEAN INSIGHTS (planned for September 2009)   Features:
-digital magazine uploaded monthly, and emailed to all registered visitors of AseanAffairs and subscribers to the print edition
-Sections include:
(a) Asean Roundup (brief reviews of top issues across the region)
(b) Industry Focus (analysis of a particular industry)
(c) Destination Asean (spotlight on a tourist attraction in Southeast Asia)
(d) What’s Up (spotlight on key business/industry events across the region)
(e) Quips and Quotes (notable quips and quotes from politicians, decision-makers as well as ordinary Asean citizens, etc)





-key menu in AseanAffairs online
-press releases from companies and organisations with images/illustrations, categorised, edited and updated daily


Please follow the three easy steps below –

1. Compose your press release in English in MS-word
Font: Times New Roman
Point: 12

2. Photos/pictures should be in Jpeg or Bitmap format, with a resolution of no less than 300 dpi and carry brief captions
3. Send you press release as an MS-word attachment to:

Below is a template of a general press release


City, State - Date –
Summary of what the release is about, two to three lines long.

Photo (optional)

Lead paragraph - Answer who, what, where, when, how and why
Text -The main body where your message should fully develop.

Corporate summary - Information about your organisation, products or services, etc. to help promote your organisation

Contact Person
Company Name
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Email Address
Web site address

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