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AseanAffairs Magazine November - December 2010



China in Spotlight
The emerging role of China in the 21st century is a focal point for conjecture and a certain degree of apprehension in the world outside of China. Is China an ally, a competitor, an adversary or perhaps all three?


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       Honouring the Chinese Business Leaders of the Year 2010

Award ceremony in honor of Zhang Jianwei President Sinotrans China Li Ruogu, Chairman, China Eximbank, awarded by Premier Juncker Nan Cunhui, Chairman, Chint Group, awarded by Premier Juncker Zhang Yue Chairman Broad Air awarded by Didier Mouget Managing Partner Pw

Mr. Zhang Jianwei, who has considerable experience in the transportation and shipping industry, has run Sinotrans since 2002 as President. Sinotrans is one of the key state-owned enterprises in China; it provides integrated logistics service including sea, air and road transportation; storage and terminal services. Due to the quality of the services provided by the company, Sinotrans is one of the largest liner shipping companies in Asia. In 2009, the shipping market had to deal with challenges. The global financial crisis hit the shipping industry hard. Despite the volatile market situation, Mr. Zhang manages to maintain the company at the top. He decided to invest in strategic resources of great potential, such as land for warehouses distribution centers and vessels. This quality driven investment maintains Sinotrans at the top level of services for the coming years. Sinotrans is well involved on the global shipping market but has also expanded its intra China Logistics Business due to the nation’s booming economy. Mr. Zhang shows state of the art quality of management.
During his brilliant career,
Mr. Li Ruogu has strongly supported China’s rate policy, especially when he was a Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China. Now as the Chairman and President of the Export – Import Bank of China (EXIM), he aims at supporting Chinese enterprises’ international operations and their imports and exports. Meanwhile, Mr. Li Ruogu is one of the key pioneers of the cooperation between Africa and China. The EXIM bank is involved in financing infrastructures in Africa. It has financed several projects in Africa. For instance, one of the first projects supported by the EXIM was the Sports palace in Cameroun. Another project was to finance the ICT infrastructures to strengthen phone and communications access. Mr. Li Ruogu plays a key role in China as he supports the Chinese enterprises and positions China in the field of the cooperation.
Mr. Nan Cunhui is the Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer of CHINT Group Corporation and has had an outstanding and incredible ascent that brings him at the top. He has started his career as shoe repairer. Now he is one of the most important entrepreneur in China. In a dynamic and ever changing world, CHINT has always adapted its business. With its state of the art technologies, high quality production and spirit of innovation, CHINT is one the China’s largest enterprise. Now CHINT group has entered the solar industry and has invested a lot in a project in the Gansu Province. Thanks to his work and his talent, Mr. Nan Cunhui embodies the spirit of entrepreneur in China.
Mr. Zhang Yue, the Chairman of Broad Air conditioning, was born in Changsha in 1960 and graduated in 1980 with a degree in fine arts. After working as a teacher and librarian for several years, he founded BROAD in 1988. As an entrepreneur, he poured his innate passion for creative thinking into his company. He has been granted over 100 patents for his inventions, among the most famous, the Vacuum Boiler in 1989, the Direct-fired Chiller (non-electric air conditioning) in 1992, the Cooling, Heating and Power (CHP) System in 1999, the A/C indoor units with electrostatic cleaner in 2005, and the Factory Built Sustainable Building in 2009.Each of his inventions has brought about a revolution in the industry, making BROAD a technological leader in many fields. Facing the urgent situation of climate change, Zhang Yue heartily wishes to turn his electric air conditioning into non-electric air conditioning as the latter saves twice as much energy. But his greatest aspiration is to be 5 times more energy efficient through sustainable buildings, for example.


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