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AseanAffairs’ Guideline for Contributors

Types of contributions

AseanAffairs – the bi-monthly print edition and the online version – - publishes original, informative, analytical and/or reflective short and medium length pieces on a wide range of topics and issues - politics, economics, industry, social, environment and culture on Southeast Asia. Both the print and online versions carry reviews on books relevant to Southeast Asia and photo essays featuring aspects of the region and countries in the region.

AseanAffairs is not an academic publication. We do not follow the normal conventions of academic writing (e.g. no footnotes or bibliographies) and we strive to avoid jargon and abstractions.

AseanAffairs online - draws a wider and immediate audience – particularly individuals and businesses with strong interest in Southeast Asia. (Visit to find out more.)

As a contributor, you will ensure:
•    that your work is original
•    that your work does not breach copyright or defame others
•    that you coordinate with AseanAffairs on the article first
•    that you meet the deadline to deliver your article

Length of articles
Depending on the topic, articles can be:
•    short (750-800 words),
•    long (1,500-1,600 words)

Before you send in your article:
•    write/save your article in a MS Word file (preferably 2003)
•    follow particular story ideas/suggestions from the editor – or you may propose your idea
•    try to add tables, graphics, illustrations to support the story whenever possible
•    add brief (30-word) biographical information about the author

Brief Style Guide
•    remember that you are writing for a global audience and hence explain where necessary about things that are too local for the audience such as currencies, place names, and so on.
•    write Apec, Asean, Unesco, instead of APEC, ASEAN, UNESCO for the well-known acronyms that can be pronounced.
•    avoid putting your story in an academic context. Do not include footnotes or references.
•    provide two high-resolution (minimum 300 dpi) images and/or graphics with your article, and email them separately from the manuscript with a note for layout if there is a specific position for each image/graphic. Add captions, headlines where necessary.
•    depending on time availability, you will asked to review/prove your article once it is accepted and laid out.
•    AseanAffairs follows British spelling, not American. For example, we use 's' instead of 'z' (organisation, NOT organization), kilometres (NOT kilometers) and travelling (NOT traveling).
•    Use local language expressions sparingly, and translate/interpret/explain them where necessary.
•    Do not use full-stops between the letters in acronyms. Write US (NOT U.S.)
•    Do not use the word dollar or USD for the US currency. For example, say $3 million instead of 3 million dollars or US$3 million. Use S$, A$, T$, HK$, but spell out the currency terms for others. For example, write 2 million rupiah, but not Rp2 million or 2 million IDR, or IDR 2 million.
•    Spell out numbers under 10, for example, seven. For 10 and above, use the figures, unless the sentence begins with a number.
•    Do not use full stops when writing the time. Write it as one word, for example, 10am, 3pm.
•    The date (for example, ‘in the 1970s’) does not have an apostrophe.
•    Dates should be in month-day-year format October 10, 2009 (NOT 9 October  2009).

If you have questions, please send them to

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