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The Asian Panama Canal
Kra Canal

Countdown to resurrection

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May - June 2009

After more than three centuries in the works, Southeast Asia’s mother of all mega projects remains dormant. Signs have emerged pointing to the reactivation of the multi-billion dollar project, sooner than expected.

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The Saga of Kra Canal
Reviving the mother of all mega projects
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Harish Nim
CEO, Emerio Corporation







Outsourcing from Asean?

It did not take a recession to make the world realise the ever growing opportunities that South East Asia provides, be in Information Technology Delivery, Contact Centres or BPO. The recession, however, has helped reiterate South East Asia’s position as a destination of choice. Low cost was one word associated with the Asian continent, but now this feature is backed by a plethora of other features, quality of output being top among those.

Actual research and success stories of companies in this region paints a very interesting picture that highlights a host of opportunities that the world’s largest and most populous continent unfolds. Emerio has been in the region for well over a decade and hence have been able to analyze the opportunities that this part of the world has to offer. Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore are countries that have been in the limelight for more reasons than one.  Emerio’s presence in these and other ASEAN countries brings to light lots of interesting learning about the advantages of setting shop in the region.

Malaysia has moved up four places to rank 20th out of a total of 181 economies surveyed in the World Bank Doing Business 2009 Report. This is just one accreditation of the fact that this country is fast becoming the favourite site of choice for the global business community seeking an ideal location for a Regional Services Hub. Owing to it being a multi racial and multi cultural country, delivering around the clock is easy from Malaysia and is one of the key advantages of outsourcing here.

Malaysia is also a preferred location of choice for the educated and qualified sector of the population from in and around the ASEAN region, thus making it possible to augment skills that are not available in abundance locally. This has made Malaysia the hot seat of the world for Asian Language Technical Support. With 24X7 operations, multi language capabilities and the excellent infrastructure, Malaysia is fast becoming a key player in the Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) domain.

The Philippines is established in the international scene with regards to BPO and Contact Centre services. The Philippine Contact Centre work force also benefits from the government's focus on training for the outsourcing sector. Simultaneously, positive development is occurring in creative areas, including design and programming. According to a recent study by McKinsey, the country has the lowest level of cost compared to other outsourcing destinations. The country also boasts of a very high English literacy rate of 93.5%. A reliable communications infrastructure combined with the strength of thousands of IT graduates makes the country a top choice when it comes to Remote Application Management Services (RAMS).

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