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 February 26, 2010
Vietnam-India trade expected to reach $5bn in coming years

 February 23, 2010
Local requirements may help reduce ACFTA impact

February 3, 2010
Indonesia: ACFTA transforms smuggled goods into legal imports

February 2, 2010
Obama to visit Indonesia in March

January 31, 2010
Washington faces skeptical Americans on Asia-Pacific trade deal

January 28, 2010

Indonesian trade minister sees no threat from Chinese imports

January 26, 2010
India to boost ties with Asean through FTA

EU recognises Philippines as a legal source of tuna

January 25, 2010
WTO rules in favour of Thailand in anti-dumping case against US

January 24, 2010
Laos expects increase in two-way trade with India

Malaysian firm to take majority stake in Indian highway firm

India’s Reliance opens unit in Malaysia to tap Shariah market

Minister: Indonesia won’t delay Asean-China FTA implementation

January 23, 2010
WTO to hear liquor tax dispute between Philippines and EU, US

January 16, 2010
Vietnam’s shipments to US rose 6% in Jan-Nov 2009

US joins EU in WTO case over Philippine liquor tax

January 14, 2010
Malaysia seeks more British investments

 CSIS praises Clinton’s Asia’s Architecture speech

 January 13, 2010
China, Malaysia in $11bn Borneo power project

Asean-China FTA: Indonesia to monitor possible rise of imports

January 12, 2010
Malaysian PM to talk bilateral FTA with India during visit

 January 8, 2010
Indonesia awaits flood of Chinese imports

 January 6, 2010
China sets aside $10bn in investment fund to boost trade with Asean

January 5, 2010
Asean-China FTA: Indonesia asks to delay tariff cuts on 228 items

December 29, 2009
China-Asean trade deal seen as step towards broader integration

Asean+3 sign $120bn currency swap deal

December 27, 2009
Trans-Pacific deal to boost Brunei-US trade

December 26, 2009
Vietnam: Chinese bike firm poised to ride the Asean-China FTA

 Asean furniture makers call for suspension of FTA with China

 December 24, 2009
US awaits Malaysia’s decision on Trans-Pacific Partnership

 December 23. 2009
EU to resume trade talks with Asean

Vietnam regrets EU’s decision to extend anti-dumping duties

December 22, 2009
US-Myanmar Engagement:
Bank sanctions may be used to push Myanmar towards reforms

December 21, 2009
Indonesia expects Obama to visit childhood home next year

 December 20, 2009
India seeks to attract Malaysian investors to infrastructure projects

China-Assean Free Trade:
Indonesian cosmetic, herbal medicine producers want FTA delay

December 19, 2009
Environmental Deadlock:
Thailand to clarify Japanese investors on Map Ta Phut issue

 Indian firm sets up outsourcing site in Philippines

 Malaysian hotel chain sees revenue boost from MICE

 EU’s ‘unfair’ decision on shoes imports upsets Vietnam

December 18, 2009
Indonesia: Lower House submits recommendations on Asean-China FTA

December 17, 2009
Eurocham does not agree with Eu’s anti-dumping plan on Vietnam’s shoes

December 16, 2009
Indonesian president in Germany, meeting local businesses

 Philippines keen to settle liquor tax issue with EU

 December 15, 2009
Vietnam’s PM receives Russian business groups

 Chinese power firm to invest $8 bn in Malaysia

 December 14, 2009
Philippines regrets EU move on liquor excise tax issue

 Vietnam, Italy sign MoUs on tourism, development

December 11, 2009
Vietnam exports $9bn worth of goods to US in Jan-Oct 2009

December 9, 2009
Vietnam wants more US investors

 Japan`s investment in Malaysia reaches $1.87bn in Jan-Sept

 EU says corruption, intransparency blocks investment in Indonesia

December 8, 2009
India complains of hurdles in Tata’s project in Vietnam

December 2, 2009
Indonesia expects trade with China to exceed $30 billion in 2010

December 1, 2009
Indonesia seeks to delay implementation of China-Asean FTA

November 30, 2009
Asean-China open skies to boost trade regional trade

 Chinese firm eyes oil imports from Brunei

November 27, 2009
Malaysian agency on an investment road show to US

Indonesia, Switzerland sets up joint economic commission

November 23, 2009
EU sets aside $710,000 for Malaysia business

November 22, 2009
Malaysia: US will scrap trade talks

November 21, 2009
Indonesia, Australia to expand business, trade

November 12, 2009
US investors see Indonesia’s infrastructure the most attractive

US wants substantive cooperation with Apec – Clinton

November 8, 2009
Singapore ready to play hosts to Apec meet

November 7, 2009
Japan extends $.5bn aid for Mekong sub-region development

November 6, 2009
UK firms eye Indonesia’s energy, power sectors

 US-Myanmar Ties: Genuine dialogue necessary to move forward

November 4, 2009
Malaysia to award licence to Chinese bank

Asean-US Meet in Singapore:
Nuclear weapons, disaster management, flu control on agenda

November 2, 2009
US committed to closer ties with Asean

October 29, 2009
FTA to boost Malaysia-New Zealand trade

October 27, 2009
Thailand asks China to invest in railway system

October 26, 2009
Singapore, India to review FTA

October 25, 2009
Thailand asks Japan to import more food, hire more workers

Asean, East Asia discuss regional cooperation

October 24, 2009
New body to help push EU to cut duties on Indonesian tuna

Free trade deal with Asean to boost use of Chinese yuan

October 21 2009
Asean Summit: Singapore stresses connectivity with China and India

UK invests $1.5m in Vietnam

China calls for closer cooperation with Asean

October 20, 2009
Indonesia to look into US trade allegations

October 16, 2009
Philippines seeks preferential tariff for garment exports

October10, 2009
US prepares to talk free trade with Asean

US accuses Indonesia of subsidising paper products

October 8, 2009
EU may slap anti-dumping tax on shoes imports

October 7, 2009
Vietnam, UK to diversify trade, boost exports

October 6, 2009
HSBC upbeat over Asia’s growth prospects

October 3, 2009
India’s ONGC to spend $149m in Vietnam oil venture

October 1, 2009
US-Myanmar Talks: No breakthrough yet

Germany tops EU investors in Vietnam

September 29, 2009
Indonesia, China sign MoUs on infrastructure project cooperation

China, Laos sign agreement on communication satellite

September 25, 2009
US in talks with Myanmar junta

September 24, 2009
US car makers to raise investment in Thailand

September 23, 2009
Philippines receive $35m in US garment orders

September 19, 2009
Indonesia to delay tariff cuts under Asean-China FTA

September 17, 2009
US cuts duty on Vietnamese shrimp exports

September 14, 2009
Berlin forum attracts overseas Vietnamese businessmen

US wants Singapore, Thailand to participate in G-20

September 1, 2009
Philippines considers allowing entry of US vegetables

August 31, 2009
Japan’s opposition swept to power in landslide win

August 28, 2009
India lends IT expertise to Myanmar

August 23, 2009   
New Zealand, Singapore sign new tax accord

August 23, 2009
EU lines up airlines for compulsory emission plan

August 20, 2009
Philippine food producers urged to tap Indian market

August 16, 2009
China, Asean poised to expand investment, trade

August 14, 2009
India, Asean signs trade pact

August 8, 2009
India expected to boost business presence in Indonesia

August 7, 2009
China-Asean trade pact to be completed on schedule

August 3, 2009
Asia Pacific BPO market to recover in 2010

July 30, 2009
EU takes Philippines to WTO on ‘discriminatory’taxes

July 28, 2009
China expected to fund Thai-Malaysia pipeline

July 27, 2009
Russian FM: Vietnam should develop nuclear energy

Chinese, Thai businesses in talks on investment potential

July 25, 2009
Australia to help strengthen Vietnam’s market economy

July 24, 2009
Clinton, North Korea trade barbs on nukes

Asean Meetings:
Thai PM: Asean has ‘no grounds’ to expel Myanmar

July 23, 2009
EU sees WTO best to further global trade

US wants SE Asia to pressure N Korea on ‘suspected cargoes’

July 22, 2009
Clinton: US to broaden partnerships in Asia

July 21, 2009
Asean Regional Forum: Clinton to sign security treaty in Phuket

July 18, 2009
EU to decide on Asia’s shoe import duties in Sept

July 17, 2009
S Korean firm eyes Vietnam steel mill

Philippine farms on lease to help S Korea’s food security bid

July 16, 2009
Recovery tops agenda at Apec meet

July 15, 2009
Indonesia, EU to sign partnership agreement

Clinton to meet Thai PM, attend Asean talks

July 14, 2009
Korea, EU get closer to FTA deal

Apec trade chiefs to discuss economic crisis in Singapore

July 13, 2009
S Korea, China exchange ideas on breaking N Korea impasse

July 12, 2009
Philippine president first in Asean to meet Obama

July 7, 2009
Australia pushes Malaysia to help curb people-smuggling

US to provide assistance to Cambodia financial reform

July 6, 2009
Najib to unveil China’s ‘massive’ projects in Malaysia

July 5, 2009
UK thanks Philippines for strong stance on Myanmar

July 2, 2009
WTO sees rising protectionism amidst crisis

S Korea asks for Thai govt support to set up industrial estate

July 1, 2009
Cambodia, Bahrain to set up diplomatic ties

Indonesian firms not ready for Asean-China FTA

June 29, 2009
Thai agency in Seoul to draw Korean investors

June 27, 2009
Chinese patrols hurt Vietnam’s fishing industry

Obama talks Korean issue with Malaysia PM

June 25, 2009
Thai PM in China to promote trade, tourism

June 22, 2009
PetroChina takes 45% stake in Singapore Petroleum

June 21, 2009
Philippines ask Japan to boost investment

June 20, 2009
Singapore joins China in military exercises

June 18, 2009
Malaysia upset by US putting it back on trafficking blacklist

Russian gas giant starts exploration drilling in Vietnam

June 17, 2009
China starts building energy pipeline to Myanmar

Malaysia faulted by US for poor trafficking record

June 13, 2009
Malaysia, China central banks plan currency swap

Laos, Cambodia removed from US trade blacklist

June 11, 2009
Clinton to visit Thailand in July

June 9, 2009
China asked to stop hindering Vietnamese fishermen

June 8, 2009
IATA sees airlines losing $9bn in 2009

June 7, 2009
South Korea to extend $60m infrastructure loan to Cambodia

Malaysian, Chinese firms in joint venture to build $200m LNG tanker

June 3, 2009
S Korea, Asean sign investment deal, broaden trade pact

June 2, 2009
New Indian government pushes for FTA with Asean

S Korea calls for closer ties with Asean

June 1, 2009
S Korea-Asean summit held amidst N Korea tensions

May 25, 2009
Chinese firm buys 45.5% stake in Singapore refiner

May 24, 2009
India to buy 8,000 tons of beans, pulses from Myanmar

May 21, 2009
EU wants China to pressure Myanmar

May 19, 2009
Philippines seeks garment deal with US

May 18, 2009
Asean yet to make commitments to FTA with EU

May 16, 2009
China’s island claim dismays Vietnam

EU reopens seafood market to Malaysia

May 15, 2009
Asia-Europe foreign ministers to meet in Hanoi, Vietnam

May 7, 2009
Asian lender sees Asean’s partners on recovery track

May 4, 2009
Asean-EU ministerial meet to be held in Cambodia late May

May 3, 2009
Philippines may be removed from US copyright watch list

April 19, 2009
China sets up $10b fund for Asean

April 13, 2009
Asean seen replacing Japan as China's 3rd largest trade partner

April 3, 2009
US ends bond requirement on Thai, Indian shrimp 

March 26, 2009
Indonesia president calls for new global order

US clarifies Myanmar policy after rare talks  

March 23, 2009
Indonesia, Australia sign maritime MoU  

March 22, 2009
EU to change SE Asian trade policy  

March 21, 2009
Trade body to rule on Thai-US plastic bag dispute

March 16, 2009
Thai PM to talk trade, investment with during China visit late March 

March 14, 2009
Korea-Asean Center opens in Seoul

March 11, 2009
Indonesia, Korea sign deals worth $6bn  

March 9, 2009
China in dispute with Malaysia, Philippines over Nansha Island

March 8, 2009
Indonesia, Korea to strengthen trade ties

March 7, 2009
Myanmar junta: US reports on human rights ‘politically motivated’ 

March 2, 2009
14th Asean Summit:
Expanded forex swap may be launched earlier

February 23, 2009
Clinton ends Asia trip, asks China to buy US debt

Asean+3 strike deal raise swap fund 

February 22, 2009
Asean+3 Finance Ministers Meeting
Thailand expects agreement on swap fund expansion

Unresolved tariff issues delay signing of India-Asean trade pact

February 21, 2009
Asean+3 to raise swap funds to $120bn 

February 20, 2009
Clinton in Indonesia, promoting ties with Muslim world

Australia, Indonesia to press forward with free trade pact

February 19, 2009
Clinton in Jakarta to seek new strategic partnership

February 18, 2009
Asean welcomes appointment of Canadian ambassador

February 17, 2009
Clinton launches first overseas trip to 'indispensable' Asia

February 15, 2009
Clinton’s Visit to Asia:
US to deepen bonds with Asia

February 8, 2009
Japan to help fund Thailand’s mass transit rail system  

February 6, 2009
Thai PM in Japan:
‘Country is back on track’

January 26, 2009
Asean-Indian FTA
Zero-tariff for more than 3,600 items from Asean by end 2012

January 24, 2009
Asean+3 finance meet scheduled for Feb in Phuket, Thailand

January 21, 2009
Hatfull named UK’s envoy to Asean 

Asean to sign trade pact with Australia, New Zealand in Feb 

January 20, 2009
Asean, India to sign trade pact in Feb

Britain seeks to push EU-Asean FTA 

January 8, 2009
India becomes 7th dialogue partner to send envoy to Asean

January 2, 2009
China joins Asean ambassadors’ club

December 30, 2008
Malaysia, India to sign labour protection pact

Indonesia postpones trade pacts with Australia, New Zealand 

December 28, 2008
Indian group to open pharma plant in Cambodia  

December 26, 2008
FTA: Japan, Vietnam sign pact to boost two-way trade

December 23, 2008
Indonesia, China sign energy, trade deals worth $4b

December 22, 2008
US Trade Policy:
Obama to shift focus to environment, labour standards

December 15, 2008
Indonesia: New Zealand asking too much on trade deal

December 14, 2008
Asian powers vow to help revive global economy

December 9, 2008
Myanmar, India to trade in euros, Singapore dollars 

December 5, 2008
Russia, India to sign nuclear deal

Indonesia, China offers best bargains in bad loans 

Scrutiny looms over Clinton’s Indonesian ties 

US-Asean Ties:
US envoy urges Asean to take action against Myanmar junta

November 26, 2008
Indonesia seeks loan from Australia for infrastructure projects 

November 23, 2008
Asean+3 mull setting up monitoring body for finance, economy

November 21, 2008
Asean+3 talk $80bn fund expansion, decision pending 

November 19, 2008
Construction of China-Myanmar gas pipelines to start in 2009

Malaysia-US FTA
Malaysia says no compromise on talks

November 11, 2008
China joins global financial rescue drive 

November 10, 2008
Philippines mulls filing trade complaint against Australia 

November 8, 2008
Junta chief congratulates Obama

November 6, 2008
Asean leaders voice hopes over Obama

November 1, 2008
Korea-Cambodia FTA to take effect in November 

October 31, 200
Asean-US Ties:
Closer relations seen if Obama becomes president - aides  

October 28, 2008
Russia, Vietnam sign deals on energy, natural resources 

October 26, 2008
China, Asean seek business opportunities at Nanning expo

China, Vietnam seek to solve maritime dispute

October 24, 2008
Free Trade Agreement:
China, Singapore strengthen political, commercial ties

October 15, 2008
US has become less relevant to Asean – academic 

October 13, 2008
US agency to review anti-dumping tariffs on Vietnam's catfish

October 12, 2008
Australia’s ANZ to set up bank unit in Vietnam

October 11, 2008
US-India Nuclear Agreement:
Deal to boost US access to energy-hungry India 

October 8, 2008
Malaysia, Australia gets closer to wrap up FTA 

October 7, 2008
Japanese PM to attend ASEM Summit late October

October 4, 2008
Anti-dumping tax issue irks EU Alliance

October 2, 2008
US-Asean Ties:
Marciel reiterates continued US commitment 

October 1, 2008
Japan, Vietnam to expand trade, investment ties

September 30, 2008
Anti-Dumping Tax Review:
Vietnam asks EU to let current tariff run its course

Free Trade:
India expects FTA with Asean to lift trade to $50bn in 2010

September 28, 2008
Bangkok eyes chance to host Japan’s regional investment HQ

September 26, 2008
Thai, Malay chipboard exports to Korea under investigation

September 25, 2008
Vietnam awaits US release of tariff data on shrimp exports 

September 24, 2008
Trans-Pacific FTA:Australia, Peru, Vietnam want to join the mega trade pact

September 23, 2008
US pursues Trans-Pacific trade pact

September 22, 2008
EU divided over anti-dumping duty on shoes

September 21, 2008
Palm Oil Exports:
Indonesian minister lobbies EU over restrictions

September 18, 2008
EU: No anti-dumping duty extension for Vietnamese shoes

Asean: Australia sends envoy to regional group 

September 17, 2008
EU asked to end anti-dumping duties on Vietnam’s leather shoes

Indian firm plans takeover of Indonesian cement maker

September 15, 2008
Vietnamese businesses urged to study US safety norms 

EU promises $250 million grant for Indonesian education

September 14, 2008
Vietnam holds Asia-Europe tourism forum 

September 13, 2008
EU to sign Asean non-aggression pact – Envoy 

September 10, 2008
Thai-India Trade
FTA boosts two-way trade: Thai agency 

September 9, 2008
Indonesia-Australia-New Zealnd Trade:
Indonesia calls for service market opening

September 9, 2008
Malaysia-India Ties
Two-way trade expected to double this year 

September 7, 2008
Korea’s POSCO opens giant fuel cell plant

September 5, 2008
Singapore, China wraps up trade talks

Indonesia to boost trade ties with China's Guangdong 

Suntech plans $300m solar energy development in Indonesia 

September 4, 2008
India to hold first trade expo in Laos in November 

September 2, 2008
Japananese premier resigns to avoid 'political vacuum'

Thai Major Cineplex to open entertainment centres in India 

September 1, 2008
India’s Tata sees opportunities in Laos 

UK investment in Vietnam set to climb

August 31, 2008
Korea, EU FTA talks make little progress 

August 29, 2008
Asean broadens trade ties in Asia Pacific
FTA with India to be signed in December
EU deal remains a challenge

Vietnam asks EU scrap anti-dumping tax on shoes 

August 28, 2008
Asean, Australia, New Zealand close to sealing trade pact 

August 27, 2008
Indonesian exporters warned of new EU regulation

August 25, 2008
US official sees slow growth in H2

August 24,2008
Minister upbeat over Indonesia, China trade ties

Japan to help Thailand set up N-power plant 

August 23, 2008
US exempts 3 Vietnam catfish firms from anti-dumping tax 

August 22, 2008
S Korea-EU FTA talks: Sensitive issues on agenda

August 20, 2008
US economy:
Economist sees large US bank going under
Recession likely in the next few months

August 19, 2008
Taiwan lobbies Asean for dialogue partner status 

Hi-tech import duties:
US, Japan, Taiwan take EU to WTO
China, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines asked to join 

August 18, 2008
Indonesia, Qatar jointly set up $1bn fund 

August 17, 2008
India's Spice sets up office in Singapore 

Asean-Australia-New Zealand FTA negotiations:
Philippines to push for local dairy industry development 

August 14, 2008
India considers lifting Brunei oil duty 

August 13, 2008
Germany to sign $50m agreements with Cambodia

August 11, 2008
Philippine Senate ready to ratify pact with Japan 

August 10, 2008
Brunei eyes new business opportunities with China 

Intellectual Property Rights:
US urged to adjust 'priority' ranking

Chinese FM congratules Asean on 41st birthday  

August 9, 2008
Vietnam accused of dumping mattress inner-spring units in US 

Asean, India FTA set for December 

Beijing Olympics 2008:China takes centre stage   

August 8, 2008
Asean-India FTA talks wrapped up

August 3, 2008
Indonesia: US seeks cooperation Islamic organisations 

July 31, 2008
Contracts signed for Indonesian workers in Japan 

July 30, 2008
US imposes new sanctions on Myanmar firms 

Indonesia expands defence ties with Australia 

July 29, 2008
Japan wants to increase investment in Indonesia

July 27, 2008
EU not consistent with its flight ban: Indonesian ministry

July 26, 2008
Indonesia President won’t visit EU until flight ban ends

Malaysia demands US to stop "interfering" 

Vietnam: US Provides $1.4mn aviation safety 

July 25, 2008
Asean’s Trade Partners
New Zealand parliament passes bill on FTA with China

China exim bank to finance 3 Indonesian power projects 

July 24, 2008
Vietnam: Footwear industry to lose EU preferential tariffs

Japan, Asean reaffirm plan for FTA  

July 23, 2008
Lao cassava powder producer makes 1st export to China 

July 21, 2008 
China to build two steel plants in Indonesia

July 20, 2008
China warns ExxonMobil over Vietnam deal 

July 18, 2008
Vietnam to improve trade, transport links with China 

July 17, 2008
Vietnam: US to help develop textile industry

WTO: Thailand, India win shrimp cases

July 16, 2008 
Japanese FM to attend ASEAN+3, ARF in Singapore

Vietnam: Chinese imports in Jan-April stood at $5.8bn

July 15,2008 
Rice to attend Asean meeting in Singapore 

July 11, 2008
Malaysia, Australia to defer free-trade talks 

July 7, 2008
Cambodia, Japan to wrap up trade pact by end July 

July 5, 2008
US agency to offer bigger assistance to Vietnam

July 1, 2008
China to finance Thailand's basic infrastructure development 

June 29, 2008
Japan requests Indonesia to send 1,000 workers

June 27, 2008
China to follow US’s lead, appoint envoy to Asean 

June 25, 2008
Vietnam boost trade ties with US

Thailand seeks to resume FTA talks with US;
US-Malaysia negotiations continue

June 24, 2008
Japanese Diet approves economic agreement with Asean

Indonesia, US to start Namru-2 talks  

June 23, 2008
Japanese expert urges Asean to reform food policies 

June 19, 2008
Vietnam, European Commission sign multilateral trade agreement 

June 14, 2008
GSP for footwear exports to end soon

June 12, 2008
Australian PM on a three-day visit to Indonesia

EU may ban Malaysian seafood

June 9, 2008
Two-way trade targeted at $10bn by 2009

June 3, 2008
EPA implementation under way

June 1, 2008
Firms strike deal to help protect environment

May 28, 2008
FTA to take effect July 1

Vietnamese products may enter US duty-free

May 27, 2008
No compromise on agri sector in trade talks with US

May 24, 2008
Investment protection pact signed

May 15, 2008
EU continues support for business competitiveness

May 10, 2008
Flexible approach to drive FTA negotiations

Talks focus on pressing Myanmar to democratize

May 7, 2008
China is Australia’s largest trade partner

May 4, 2008
India says close to clinching FTA with Asean

May 2, 2008
US imposes another sanction on junta

April 29, 2008
Thai finance minister upbeat over return of investment

April 28, 2008
Thailand 'disappointed' at US priority watch list rating

April 26, 2008
Asean+3 finance chiefs to meet in Madrid

April 25, 2008
India, Malaysia to sign MoU on labour protection

April 24, 2008
WTO ministerial meeting scheduled in May

April 23, 2008
Two countries plan seafood facility

April 21, 2008
“China Desk” to boost cooperation

April 20, 2008
Surin: Take Asean seriously

April 14, 2008
EU eager to speed up talks

Economic pact may come into effective in July

April 12, 2008
Surin hails appointment of first US envoy to Asean

US to reconsider duties on shrimps

April 9, 2008
Hong Kong firms may move to Indonesia

April 7, 2008
India, Myanmar inks tax treaty

April 6, 2008
Two-way trade reached $16.7bn in 2007

Fresh talks to push for six-party pact

Rubber exports to China jumps 63%

April 4, 2008
India strikes transport deal with Myanmar

Global slowdown may affect ASEAN+3

April 3, 2008
Economic partnership agreement

April 1, 2008
NZ, China to ink free trade accord on April 7

March 31, 2008
China, New Zealand to sign FTA April 7

Japan to cut tariffs on 93% of imports by value

Japanese assistance requested for diversification

Junta’s No. 2 to visit India

March 28, 2008
Malaysia not in a hurry to wrap up deal

Ministers talk industry cooperation

March 27, 2008
British minister in Thailand to boost trade ties

Fukuda promises further cooperation on integration

March 25, 2008
US remains key market for wood products

March 24, 2008
Indonesia key to wrapping up the deal

March 23, 2008
Bangkok to host India's Oscars in June

Tibet crackdown ignites boycott calls

Wipro tapping into Southeast Asia via Unza

Kirin eyes tie-ups with brewers in India, Asean

March 22, 2008
Jakarta-Moscow flights must be resumed - Jero Wachik

House debate on presidential election

Thai FM: Asean engagement the way to go

March 20, 2008
Russia's Floating N-plant:
Indonesia among potential customers

March 19, 2008
Govt considers importing Russian oil and gas

Vietnam to boost seafood exports to EU through Italy

Oil prices ease in Asian trade

March 18, 2008
Unrest in Lhasa prompts scrutiny of HR records

Vietnamese officials attend US IPR workshop

March 17, 2008
Talks on trade status to begin March 17

Vietnam remains optimistic over export prospects

March 16, 2008
Chinese firm takes over Singaporean energy company

Cartel to maintain oil world demand forecast

March 14, 2008
Japan sees Indonesia presence crucial

US officials: Malaysia- US FTA by this year

February 20, 2008
FDI doubles despite tax concerns

February 18, 2008
Lee: US economic slowdown will not affect Asia badly

February 17, 2008
Growth slows on back of stalling US economy

Greenspan: Economy "on the edge" of a recession

February 15, 2008
Partners to iron out barriers in Laos

February 12, 2008
Yunan province to build railways linking Asean

February 11, 2008
Financial leaders talk over global economy

February 10, 2008
Steel maker signs carbon credit deal with buyers

February 9, 2008
G7 financial leaders to ease market fears

February 8, 2008
US slowdown could be opportunity, not crisis, for China

February 6, 2008
World Bank cuts 2008 GDP growth to 9.6%

February 3, 2008 
Japan not to take up China issue at July summit

January 31, 2008
Fed cuts key interest rate to 3.0%

January 30, 2008
Thailand may join "eye in the sky" programme

January 28, 2008 
Concerns over US outlook cloud WEF meeting

January 27, 2008 
WTO chief sees higher risk of US protectionism on recession worries

January 22, 2008
State councilor meets Myanmar special envoy

January 20, 2008
Mekong sub-region to facilitate Japan’s investment

China, US conclude fifth strategic dialogue

January 18, 2008
Economic activity increases modestly late 2007

January 17, 2008
China overtakes US as global electro-mechanical exporter

January 16, 2008
India's Tata sets sights on China

January 15, 2008
China imports record 163 mln tons of crude oil in 2007

January 14, 2008
OPEC oil price falls sharply

January 13, 2008
Japan, Mekong foreign ministers to meet in Tokyo

January 12, 2008
Growth to slip in 2008

January 11, 2008
Outer suburbs more attractive for investors

January 7, 2008
High oil price will last until March: OPEC president

January  6, 2007
Soaring oil prices likely to further impede growth

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