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July  31 , 2011
These were the most significant stories published by Asean Affairs during the week of July 23-July 29. More

July  29 , 2011
Suu Kyi takes the initiative in Myanmar
Two things appear to be happening in Myanmar. More

July  28 , 2011
Inflation remains a critical Asian challenge
The interplay between economics and politics is a steadfast feature on the global scene and the current drama going on in Washington D.C. is an exemplary example. More

July  27 , 2011
Is Laos playing it straight?
At the recent Asean Summit, Laos apparently conceded to the wishes of its fellow members in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, to suspend operations on the proposed Xayaburi Dam. More

July  26 , 2011
Asia watches US “circus”
Asia could only watch and pray on Monday after US lawmakers failed to break a debt impasse that threatens to trigger a default and shock global financial markets. More

July  25 , 2011
Demonstrations point up Vietnamese shortcomings
On Sunday Vietnamese police allowed about 300 peaceful anti-Chinese protesters to march in central Hanoi on Sunday after their suppression of earlier rallies sparked anger on the Internet. More

July  24 , 2011
These were the most important stories published by Asean Affairs during the week of July 16-July 25. More

July  22 , 2011
Concerns grow about Thai economic plans
Thailand has apparently settled into a period of political stability following the July 3 elections. More

July  21 , 2011
Asian location for top firms
A recent real estate report by real-estate consultancy CB Richard Ellis underlines the growing role of Asia in the global business world. More

July  20 , 2011
Progress or just words?
Today China and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) officials agreed to guidelines on cooperation in the disputed areas of the South China Sea. More

July  19 , 2011
Social media rocking politics
From east to west, social media are changing the way politicians and political parties are changing the way politicians and political parties are communicating with constituents. More

July  18 , 2011
Corruption is still a key regional issue
Corruption at the national government level in Asean countries still remains a cancer that breeds mistrust of government by its citizens, drains the coffers of needed funds and retards national development. More

July  17 , 2011
These were the most significant stories published by Asean Affairs during the week of July 9- 15. More

July  15 , 2011
An Emerging 'Pan-Asian Energy Infrastructure'
By 2050, Asia can be connected by an electricity, natural gas and communications network. More

July  14 , 2011
Asian economies face declining markets
Singapore’s economy shrank for the first time in three quarters as manufacturing slumped, adding to evidence the slowdowns in Europe and the U.S. are stifling growth in Asia. More

July  13 , 2011
US, Euro and now China concerns hit Asian markets
Asian markets are set to fall spurred by concerns about the stalemate on the US budget and rekindled fears on the euro zone debt crisis triggering demand for safer assets such as debt. More

July  12 , 2011
Proposed wage increase in Thailand already is divisive
One of the standout planks in the winning Pheu Thai party’s platform in the recent election is a proposal to increase the minimum daily wage nationwide in Thailand to 300 baht (US$10). More

July  11 , 2011
Massive Malaysian protest
Asean street politics, most recently associated with Thailand, shifted to the country south of Thailand this past weekend, Malaysia. More

July  10 , 2011
These were the most important stories published by Asean Affairs during the week of July 2-July 8. More

July  8 , 2011
Legal wrinkle in Thai elections
On Friday afternoon the defeated Democrat Party in the recent Thai general election asked the Election Commission to pursue the abolition of the rival Puea Thai Party, the winner of Sunday's election, on the grounds that banned politicians were involved in its campaign.More

July  7 , 2011
New Thai government may ease border dispute
The dispute over the Preah Vihear temple, which straddles the Thailand-Cambodia border, and which has been a continued source of friction between the two countries may be easing as a new Thai government assumes power.More

July  6 , 2011
Aquino goes ahead with personal diplomacy
There recently have been increased tensions and confrontations between Philippines and China over territorial claims in the South China Sea.More

July  5 , 2011
Asean business looks at post-election Thailand
The business communities of Asean member states are taking a look at how the business and investment in Thailand will evolve following the country’s July 3 election. More

July  4 , 2011
The morning after
The morning after Thailand’s election became part of history the country is taking a deep breath and looking forward to see if the Pheu Thai party delivers on its promises to bring the nation together.More

July  3 , 2011
These are the most important stories published by Asean Affairs during the week of June 25-July 1.More

July  1 , 2011
The Gini coefficient in Asia and Thailand
Income inequality is usually measured by a country's Gini coefficient, in which 0 is perfect equality (everyone has the same income) and 1 is perfect inequality (i.e., one household takes everything)More

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