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April 29, 2011
Guangxi to become Asean gateway
Guangxi province in China, bordering Vietnam, is positioning itself to attract more investors from Southeast Asian nations, and to expand its products to Asean markets.More

April 28, 2011
Nuclear fears stall Thai nuclear development
As the nuclear crisis in Japan subsides the more tangible result is that plans for nuclear power development are likely to be delayed in Asia and elsewhere.More

April 27, 2011
More than termites eat up cash in Asia
A news story out of India describing the consumption of “millions of rupees” by termites nesting inside a bank is currently making the rounds of “odd stories” on the Internet.More

April 26, 2011
ADB: rising oil, food prices threaten growth
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) weighed in today with its concerns that rising food and oil prices pose a serious threat to the Asian economy.More

April 25, 2011
Is it war or politics?
With 12 deaths on both sides during the last three days of fighting between Thailand and Cambodia over disputed territory between the two countries, the situation is deteriorating. More

April 24, 2011
These were the most important stories published by Asean Affairs during the week of April 16-22. More

April 22, 2011
Security issues flare up in Asean
As Christian communities in Asean look forward to the Easter weekend, security issues are intruding on the weekend events in Indonesia. More

April 21, 2011
The Mekong River gets a reprieve
Government representatives from the four lower Mekong Basin countries have agreed that the decision on the Xayaburi Dam, the first dam proposed for the lower Mekong mainstream, should be deferred and elevated to the ministerial level.More

April 20, 2011
Investment doesn’t threaten Malaysia
Since the 1997 financial crisis in Asia, Malaysia has the reputation of managing its economy in a singular and distinctive style.More

April 19, 2011
Food insecurity is here to stay
The higher prices of food are here to stay and a main reason is the growing economic strength of China bringing with it an expanded market for more protein derived from meat.More

April 18, 2011
Odds are Xayaburi dam to proceed
Although Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam meet tomorrow in Ventiane, under the auspices of the Mekong River Commission, to decide the fate of the proposed Xayaburi Dam, the three-day meeting appears to be a formality.More

April 15, 2011
Economic progress takes its toll
A small story in this week’s news has ignited some debate in Asia about the human costs associated with driving economies upward and the human costs that effort entails.More

April 14, 2011
Dam may impact fisheries on Mekong
Disruptions to fish migration and food supplies for millions in the Mekong basin are likely if the first mainstream dam on the lower Mekong is allowed to go ahead, the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) predicted as it released expert analysis showing the dam feasibility study and environmental impact assessment failed to address key environmental risks. More

April 13, 2011
The future of Asian rice
What does it take to attain global food security? This is a question for which rice provides part, if not most, of the answer. More

April 12, 2011
The other border-Myanmar refugees
Much of the recent news coming from Thailand in recent months has been about the ongoing and still unresolved border dispute with neighboring Cambodia. More

April 11, 2011
Overexposure to electronic media
In the same style as countries in the West, in urban areas in Asean countries are filled with television sets, mobile phones smart phones, computers and the latest tablet computers. More

April 10, 2011
These were the most significant stories published by Asean Affairs during the week of April 2-April 8: More

April 8, 2011
Deforestation in Asean yields predictable results
About six years ago, I ran into a French gentleman and his wife at a Bangkok social event. More

April 7, 2011
A tale of two different regions
Within the space of 24 hours, economic developments in Europe and Asia highlighted the stark contrast between the economies of the two regions. More

April 6, 2011
IMF moves on capital inflows
Capital inflows have been a major concern in Asean countries since 1997, when they played a significant role in the financial crisis at that time. More

April 5, 2011
Asean bourse integration proceeds at rapid pace
Although international cooperation is difficult in many areas, most notably in the climate change sector, the world of capital market integration is moving rapidly. More

April 4, 2011
Policy Director, International Rivers
The mighty Mekong River is about to face its greatest test. More

April 3, 2011
These were the most important stories published by Asean Affairs during the week of March 26-April 1. More

April 1, 2011
A toast to Hong Kong-none for Asean
In 2008 Hong Kong made a very crafty decision. On February 27 of that year import duties on wine and beer were dropped, not just a little but dropped to zero. More

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