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December 26, 2013 
More can be done to help housing needs of some groups More

December 23, 2013 
What’s next for Cambodian rice? More

December 20, 2013 
Critical Questions: Kerry Visits Vietnam and the Philippines More

December 19, 2013 
Prison oversight lags: UN More

Democracy Failure in Thailand More

December 18, 2013 
The Little India Riot in Singapore Or Mutual Respects Needed to Root Out Similar Riots in Singapore More

Four screens market in Malaysia totaled USD 3.86 billion in first ten months of 2013: GfK More

December 17, 2013 
New Poll Shows Underlying Strength of U.S.-Japan Alliance, Need for Greater Confidence More

December 13, 2013 
Sleepless in Bangkok More
China’s Air Defense Zone Highlights Need for Contingency Planning in Southeast Asia More
The Biweekly Update 13 December 2013 More

December 12, 2013 
Myanmar begins implementation of its biggest special economic zone project More

December 11, 2013 
Coffee culture in Hong Kong continues to stimulate sales of coffee machines: GfK More

December 9, 2013 
Over 5.5 million car tires sold in India’s replacement market in first nine months of the year: GfK More

December 6, 2013 
Critical Questions: Understanding Thailand’s Political Unrest and U.S. Interests More

The United States Should Help Australia Stabilize Bougainville More

December 3, 2013 
Intensifying demand propels Southeast Asia’s smartphone sales volume by 61 percent in first three quarters this year: GfK More

November 29, 2013 
Indonesia’s Cybersecurity: An Opportunity for Deeper Cooperation More

November 28, 2013 

November 27, 2013 
Thailand Needs to Restore its Past Glory More
Does Singapore treat global warming seriously enough? More
The Biweekly Update 27 November 2013 More

November 26, 2013 
ASEAN and the Rise of Tourism in Cambodia More

November 25, 2013 
The Senate Should Abandon Protectionist Inspections Aimed at Catfish from Vietnam More

November 23, 2013 
Thailand’s Constitutional Court Highlights Bangkok’s Political Conundrum More

November 22, 2013 
Infrastructure Problems Hobble Relief Efforts in the Philippines More

November 21, 2013 
Property disputes mar development More

November 19, 2013 
Equity funds to close year strong, analysts predict More

November 15, 2013 
We Are All Filipinos: U.S. Response to Typhoon Haiyan Is Foundational More
The Biweekly Update 15 November 2013 More

November 14, 2013 
U.S. Companies Discuss Improved Business Environment with Indonesian Leaders More

November 12, 2013 

November 11, 2013 
WTF – "What The Future holds" Event Summary More

November 8, 2013 
CLEAN vs DIRTY ENERGY- UN Climate Conference in Warsaw More

November 7, 2013 
Singapore no longer No 1 in expatriates' eyes More

November 6, 2013 
Brunei’s ASEAN Chairmanship Scorecard More

November 5, 2013 

November 1, 2013 
Amending Vietnam’s Constitution: Why Washington Cares More
The Biweekly Update 1 November 2013 More

October 31, 2013 
Thailand, Singapore score high for expatriate lifestyle More

October 28, 2013 
The future of Laos More

October 25, 2013 
END WTO's rule More

October 21, 2013 
China's Charm Offensive Signals A New Strategic Era In Southeast Asia More

October 18, 2013 
Malaysians are second most avid weekly readers of newspaper across Asia Pacific: GfK More
Political dynasties rampant in Indonesia More
The Biweekly Update 18 October 2013 More

October 15, 2013 
Brunei, looking forward to economic transition More

October 12, 2013 
Telling Asia’s story - Swarup Roy More

October 11, 2013 
CEO Sentiment Index: September-October More
New Report: Internet Freedom Deteriorates Worldwide, but Activists Push Back More

October 9, 2013 
TIME 2013 will be bigger than before More
Critical Questions: Australia's New Cabinet More

October 7, 2013 
Picking up the Pieces: Washington Cancels the President’s Asia Trip More

October 4, 2013 
Obama’s Asia Trip: Go or No? More
The Malaysia Curse: Will a U.S. President Ever Get to Kuala Lumpur? More
Asean to back member candidates as UN representatives More
Cambodia to feel an energy crunch, but growth to remain stable: report More
The Biweekly Update 4 October 2013 More

October 2, 2013 
US-ASEAN Business Council Praises Vietnam's Reforms, Urges Further Action More
Burma: Imprisonment of Arakan Human Rights Defenders Exposes Government’s Continued Complicity in Corporate Human Rights Abuses More

September 30, 2013 
China launches free trade zone in Shanghai More

September 26, 2013 
Laos looks for more workers More

September 23, 2013 
For India and Indonesia, Quality Growth Requires Quality Governance More

September 20, 2013 
Indonesia And Vietnam Would Get A Boost If They Joined The Expanded Information Technology Agreement More
Mahathir: ASEAN not yet ready for integration More
The Biweekly Update 20 September 2013 More

September 18, 2013 
Asean's Democratic Deficit More

September 16, 2013 
Spain´s Inbound FDI to India Country rank jumps from Number 22 to 13. More

September 12, 2013 
Three Questions before you Make a New Investment More
Cambodian Protests Expected to Focus on China More
ASEAN Should Reject a Code of Conduct in the South China Sea More

September 11, 2013 
Building a Peaceful and Democratic Society: Lessons for Thailand from Southeast Asia More

September 9, 2013 
Engaging Myanmar’s Military: Carpe Diem Part II More

September 6, 2013 
The Biweekly Update 6 September 2013 More

September 5, 2013 
US- ASEAN Militaries continue cosy ties More

September 2, 2013 
European Pivots to Southeast Asia: Leaving the EU-ASEAN Corridors? More

August 30, 2013 

August 28, 2013 
Reconciliation Talks in Thailand Will Be Litmus Test of Parties’ Sincerity More

August 23, 2013 
Engagement in the Indo-Pacific: The Pentagon Leads by Example More
Singapore's future way/challenge towards a society of happiness More
Asean Weekly:The Biweekly Update 23 August 2013 More

August 22, 2013 
Critical Questions: The 2013 ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting & Its Implications for the United States More
August 21, 2013 
Sending the Cabinet to Asia: Obama Following Through on Rebalancing More

August 19, 2013 
The Growing Problem of Land Conflicts in Indonesia More

August 16, 2013 
Generating bright ideas in Singapore More

August 15, 2013 
The ups, downs of Brunei tourism More

August 14, 2013 
Asia Pacific consumers are most worried about the economy: GfK More

August 13, 2013 
Malaysia’s Political Reforms Can Drive an Innovation Economy More

August 9, 2013 
Obama Should Invite Yingluck to Washington Soon More
Bank Charges More
Labor Shortages Loom Large for Laos More
Asean Weekly:The Biweekly Update 9 August 2013  More

August 8, 2013 
Southeast Asian consumers spent USD57 million more on small domestic appliances in first half of 2013 More

August 7, 2013 
Brunei's software piracy, an anachronistic phenomenon? More

August 5, 2013 
Flood halts Thai-Myanmar border trade More

August 1, 2013 
The U.S.-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership: What’s in a Name? More

July 31, 2013 
PHL fiscal spending satisfies debt-watcher Moody's More

July 29, 2013 
Congress Should Renew Preferential Tariff System Before It Expires More
Asean Weekly:The Biweekly Update More

July 26, 2013 
Moody's now reviewing PHL's sovereign ratings for upgrade to investment grade More

July 25, 2013 
Consumer confidence levels in Singapore remain stable in H1 2013: survey More

July 24, 2013 
Tablet and laptop markets in Southeast Asia report uptrend in the past one year: GfK More

July 23, 2013 
Aquino's good governance policy faces serious test More

July 19, 2013 
Vietnam’s President Visiting the White House to Talk Strategy More

July 18, 2013 
Pepper exports soar but stocks left bare More

July 17, 2013 
Manchester United’s Popularity reflects the Thai Economy More

July 16, 2013 
S'pore surges on strong manufacturing More

July 15, 2013 
Sri Racha Sauce: a Thai Symbol of the Global Economy? More

July 12, 2013 
Off the Rails More
Surprise! Namibia's economics aren't the same as Laos' More
Asean Weekly:The Biweekly Update  More

July 11, 2013 
The New Pragmatism and the Future of World Economy More

July 9, 2013 
Looking like Baht Predictions are on the Money More

July 8, 2013 
Philippines lags behind other Asean economies in FDI inflows More

July 5, 2013 
Indonesia’s tourism on track amidst global economic uncertainties More
Indonesia: Passage of Ormas Bill Condemned, Campaign to Oppose the Law to Continue More

July 4, 2013 
Emissions Trading System: Chambers disappointed by abandoning of market principles More

July 3, 2013 
Youth employment: 3 measures to make a difference More

July 1, 2013 
Hun Sen’s Homegrown Political Risk More

June 28, 2013 
John Kerry to Attend ASEAN Regional Forum More
Asean Weekly:The Biweekly Update More

June 27, 2013 
Creating Shared Value in Asia More

June 26, 2013 
US-ASEAN businessmen lobby Indonesia on TPP More

June 21, 2013 
‘Still Window-dressing’: Civil Society Launches Third Performance Report on the AICHR More
 Kerry, Wheels Up to Asia…Wait, the Middle East and Brune  More

June 19, 2013 
President Sang's visit to lift Vietnam-China ties More

June 18, 2013 
Business Alliance applauds official launch of EU-U.S. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) at the G8 Summit More

June 14, 2013 
Recommendations from the CSIS South China Sea Conference More
Asean Weekly:The Biweekly Update More

June 13, 2013 
New Lao Mekong bridge to open in September More

June 4, 2013 
MTF 2013 in China ’s Guilin announced More

May 31, 2013 
Indonesia for Indonesians: Can the United States Relate? More
Asean Weekly ending 31 May'13 More

May 30, 2013 
5th SSEASR Conference successfully held in Manila/Philippines More

May 29, 2013 
After Half a Century, a Myanmar President Visits Washington More
"You don’t live twice: can Spain deliver a Bollywood happy ending?" More

May 22, 2013 
Obama Should Invite Myanmar’s President to the Pentagon More
Asean Weekly ending 17 May'13 More

May 13, 2013
Developing countries doing more to save climate More

May 9, 2013 
Significance of Malaysia’s Elections More

May 3, 2013 
Getting Asia Right: Forget The "Pivot" More
Asean Weekly ending 3 May 2013 More

April  24, 2013 
Thailand, Cambodia Spar at UN Court over Preah Vihear Temple More

April  19, 2013 
2013 Philippine Midterm Elections: Turning a Democratic Corner More
Asean Weekly ending 19 Apr 2013 More

March 25, 2013 
2013 Elections in Malaysia, an Analysis More

March 15, 2013 

Asean Weekly ending More

March 5, 2013 
Peace Talks to Address Southern Thailand Conflict More

February 22, 2013 

Asean Weekly ending More

February 10, 2013 

Asean Weekly ending More

February 5, 2013 

January 31, 2013 
63 years of the INDIAN REPUBLIC. A billion dreams may finally be coming true. More

January 29, 2013 
Manila Begins Legal Proceedings over South China Sea Claims More

January 24, 2013 

Asean Weekly ending More

January 16, 2013 
Mind the gaps in higher education for realizing the ‘Asian Century’ More

January 11, 2013 

Asean Weekly ending More

January 9, 2013 
Forging business education ties More

January 3, 2013 
AEC 2015 remains on Track and Top Priority More

Asean Analysis 2013 


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