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April 24, 2014 
Balancing the Rise of Maritime China: Japan’s Dynamic Joint Defense Force More
Toyota sells 2.58 million vehicles, outselling GM More

April 21, 2014 
Kidnapping In Laos Affects Civil Society More

April 18, 2014 
Washington Needs a New Approach to the Lower Mekong—“the Next South China Sea” More
Burma: Federalism, Personality Bargaining, and the 2015 Elections (Part I) More
The Biweekly Update 18 April 2014 More

April 17, 2014 
Is Singapore Still Under Emergency Rule? More

April 16, 2014 
Singapore maintains tight monetary policy More

April 11, 2014 
The State of U.S. Power: Perceptions across the Globe More

April 10, 2014 
China, the Media and MH370: Public Diplomacy Hides Real Capability More

April 9, 2014 
Australian Aid and the Asia Pacific: How Much Will Change? More

April 8, 2014 
Nigeria set to become Africa's biggest economy More

April 4, 2014 
The Philippines’ South China Sea Memorial: Sailing into the Wind More
The Biweekly Update 4 April 2014 More

April 3, 2014 
Why Obama and Abe Should Take Lead on TPP More
Climate change boosts conflict risk, floods, hunger More

April 2, 2014 
No Exit from Pakistan: A Review More

March 31, 2014 
Can Asia prevent its own Crimea? More
S'pore ranked 60th among major cities for average residents' cost of living More

March 27, 2014 
Crimea’s Demonstration Effect in Asia More

March 25, 2014 
Singapore’s inflation at four-year low in February as car prices drop More

March 21, 2014 
Aloha ASEAN: Hagel to Host Defense Ministers in Hawaii More
The Biweekly Update 21 March 2014 More

March 20, 2014 
The case of missing MH370 exposes Southeast Asia's role as hub for undocumented migrants More

March 19, 2014 
US and EU impose sanctions as Crimea turns to Moscow More

March 14, 2014 
Economics and the Japan-Korea Relationship: Adding Value More

March 13, 2014 
US, Russia, Gold & Hedges More

March 12, 2014 
Consumption of passenger car engine oil in Malaysia’s Central region reached almost 17 million liters in 2013: GfK More
Can Asia be the world's brand factory? More

March 7, 2014 
Getting Malaysia Right: Presidential Prerogative More
Indians spent almost USD 67 million on personal care appliances in 2013: GfK More
The Biweekly Update 7 March 2014 More

March 3, 2014 
North Korea’s Scud Missile Test More

February 27, 2014
Thailand "faces civil war risks" More
India’s Solar Energy Future & U.S. Engagement More

February 25, 2014 
7th EU-Brazil Business Summit: taking the strategic partnership one step further More
Malaysia: High Court decision curtails lawyers’ freedom of expression More

February 21, 2014 
Myanmar: UN rights expert hails changes, but highlights remaining challenges More
A Spring of Opportunity for the United States’ “Pacific President” More
The Biweekly Update 21 February 2014 More

February 19, 2014 
The way to Thai leisure travelers’ hearts is through their stomachs More
Contact lens market in Singapore reached a five year high in 2013 with USD 74.8 million in sales: GfK More

February 17, 2014 
Asian passengers shaping long haul economy air travel More

February 14, 2014 
Beer firms rush to build factories More

February 13, 2014 
Asia-Pacific needs 11,000 aircraft over the next 20 years More

February 12, 2014 
Addressing Cambodia’s Aid Dependence: Too Little Too Late? More

February 7, 2014 
China becomes largest investor in Laos More
Thai Democracy Faces Continuing Hurdles in the Wake of Elections More
Myanmar’s Constitutional Review Committee Shies Away from Needed Changes More
The Biweekly Update 7 February  2014 More

February 6, 2014 
ASEAN Air Liberalisation: Is It Really Ready for Take-Off? More
Manifesto for a New Civilisation More

February 4, 2014 
Cambodian tourism is still surging More

February 3, 2014 
Indonesia bids to woo carmakers away from Thailand More

January 31, 2014 
U.S. Spying a Threat to Global Climate Deal More

January 30, 2014 
Cambodia: Latest crackdown on peaceful dissent further perpetuates impunity and fuels tensions More

January 27, 2014 
Achieving Trade Promotion Authority Will Require a Heavy Lift from the President More
Mirrorless cameras remain popular amidst lowering demand for digital still cameras in Singapore: GfK More

January 24, 2014 
"When America Becomes Number Two" More
Thai political unrest: impact of emergency on economy More
The Biweekly Update 24 December 2014 More

January 23, 2014 
55% of Filipinos believe quality of life worsened More

January 22, 2014 

January 21, 2014 
Myanmar in the ASEAN Chair Challenges and opportunities More

January 20, 2014 
Permanent residence in Myanmar for foreigners announced More

January 18, 2014 
Who Lost Thailand? More

January 17, 2014 
Statement on the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement More

January 14, 2014 
Cambodia Crackdown: Deadlock Far from Over More

January 13, 2014 
The Rise and Survival of Nguyen Tan Dung: A New Era in Vietnamese Politics More

January 10, 2014 
Bangkok Shutdown More
Crackdown in Cambodia: What Options for the United States? More
The Biweekly Update 10 January 2014 More

January 8, 2014 
Open Letter by 47 Asian NGOs to Prime Minister Hun Sen: More

January 7, 2014 
Indonesian banks brace for challenging 2014 More

January 3, 2014 
Businessmen to Asean: AEC what? Explain further More

January 2, 2014
The Biweekly Update 2 January  2014 More

January 1, 2014 

Asean Analysis 2014

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