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About Tan V. Vijiramedhi
Pilot “Dharma on Wings: Active Buddhism”
Date of Birth
29 January 1973
Bachelor of Education from Sukhothai Thammatirach University (2000)
Master of Buddhism from Chulalongkorn Rachawitayalai University (2003)
Buddhist Theology lv.9 from Wat Benjamabhorpit Dhusitaram (2000)
• Special Instructor at Chulalongkorn Rachawitayalai University Graduate School, Bangkok
Special Instructor at King Prajadhipok's Institute National Defense College of Thailand, Sampran Royal Police Cadet Academy
Special Instructor and Lecturer on Buddhism and Contemporary Buddhology for both Government and Private leading Universities and Education Institutes such as Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University, Silpakorn University, Kasetsart University, Chiang Mai University, Khonkhen University, Sripratum University, Bangkok University, Eastern Asia University, Mae Fah Luang University and Naresuan University.
A columnist, writing academic related articles, half academic articles, and general articles for various newspapers and magazines such as Nation Weekend, Matichon Weekend, Prachachartturakih,Posttoday,Kom Chad Luk, Business Newspaper, Krungthep Turakij, Praew, WE, Health & Cuisine, Cheewajit, Cheewittongsoo, Yingthai, Kaejon, Bangkok,etc.
Buddhist lecturer and lead prayer in Institutes and Governmental Organisations in Bangkok, provincial areas, and abroad.
Founder of Vimuttayalaya Institute: An institute for education, research, praying and providing wisdom on Buddhism for the community of the world by focusing the work philosophy on Buddhism for World Peace.
A stationed lecturer for various television programmes such as Dhamma Tidpeek (Tpbs),Taswang(TV9),Miracle of Wisdom (TV11),Muang Thai Variety (TV5), Ran Chum Yam Chao (TITV), Kla Kid Kla Tum (TV5), Buddhapadipa (TV5), Siam Today (TV5), Roytum, Tummapiwat (ASTV), and Ti Ni Morchit (Channel 7)
Writing Accomplishments
Thai Language
There are over 50 Thai books written such as Dharma on Wings, Dharma Dab Ron, Anger Management, Dharma Bundarn, Dharma Tammai, Dharma At Dawn, Dharma At Night, Dharma Kred Kaew, Dharma Sabai Jai, Love Management, Dharma Cha Lon Tuai, Fon Tok Mai Tong Fah Rong Mai Tung, Looking Death in the Eye, Nai Luang Klong Rach Bhudatach Kong Dha, Buddhist Textbooks (Secondary Education Grade 7-12), Kumlang Jai Dae Chiwit, DNA Tang Win Yarn, Tai Laew Kerd Mai Tam Nai Buddhism, Kluen Nok Kluen Nai, Tuen Roo Yu Duay Ruk, Tuk Kratob Dharma Ka-tuen, Sing Sam Kan Mai Aaj Hen Dau Ta, Kae Ploy Kor Loi Tua, Buddhist Democracy, Buddhist Economics, Takleang Ron Thong, Wai Tuan Nam, etc.

English Language
Works in Thai that have been translated into English and other languages include: 

    -Anger Management
    -Love Management
    -Dharma At Dawn
    -Dharma At Night
    -Looking Death In The Eye
    -Mind Management

In addition, “Anger Management” and “Looking Death in the Eye”, besides being translated into English, they have been translated into Spanish, Indonesian,Chinese,Japanese and Sri Lanka as well.

• 2004    “Dharma on Wings” adapted into TV series on Channel 3 and received awards from various institutions.   
2005    Awarded “Outstanding Achievement in the Propagation of Buddhism” (from the 4 books written, which are Dharma on Wings, Anger Management, Dharma Dub Ron, and Dharma Bandarn) from Professor Jamnong Thongprasert Royal Institute Foundation
2005    Honoured as “World Peace Ambassador” from Religious Council for World Peace
2006    “Positioning Magazine” honoured as one of the “50 Most Influential People in Thai Society in 2006”
2006    Awarded “The Great Dharma Putta Award” (award for missionary monks with acknowledged and outstanding works) for organising and hosting “The Celebration of 2550th Buddha Jayanti” from the Government and Hierarchy of Sri Lanka and WBSY (World Buddhist Sangha Youth)
2007    Awarded “BUCA HONORARY AWARDS” from the Faculty of Law Bangkok University, for distinguished and contemporary ways of presenting Dharma and their benefits to the field of Law
2007    Awarded “Gem of Wisdom Award”, an honorary award for monks with notable wisdom from the Hierarchy (Monk Council) and the People of Chiang Rai
2007    Bestowed “SaiSemaTamaJakrThongKam Award” for valuable contributions to Buddhism in the category of Dharma Books from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn during World Visakha Bucha Week at Sanam Luang
2007    Bestowed “Outstanding Achievement in Contribution to Youth Award” in the category of Education and Academics from His Royal Majesty Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand during National Youth Day at Kilawech Building 2, Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japanese)
2007    Awarded “Young & Smart VOTE 2007 in the category of Young Generation Contribution to Society” from Sudsapdah Magazine, Amarin Printing and Publishing Company
2007    Awarded “Outstanding Contributor to Library, and Librarian Studies and Information Science” from Thai Library Association under the Royal Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
2008    Awarded “Article Writer of the Year 2008” from M.R Ayumongkol Sonakul Foundation
2008    Honoured with “Sangeun Award” for ‘Outstanding Publicist’ from Public Relations Society of Thailand at Santimaitri Building, Government House
2008    Awarded “Outstanding Contribution to Buddhism” from Ruamjaipeiprae Dharma Foundation Somdej Praputajarn (Keaw Upasamo), Chairman and Supreme Patriarch        
2008    Awarded “Outstanding Contributor to the Development of the Mind 2008” from Buddhism Council in collaboration with Loktip Foundation
2008    Awarded “Outstanding Achievement and Recognition brought to the University’s Graduates” from Chulongkorn Rachawitayalai University Graduate School
2008    Awarded “Grateful Children Award 2008” from The National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand under the Royal Patronage
2008    a day Magazine honoured as one of the 100 idols
2009    Awarded “Top Vote 2008” in the category of the top philosopher from F.M. 96.5 MHz radio station

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