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Dr. Phra Rajyanvisith
Meditation Master, Buddhist Scholar & Educator

1.    Abbot, Wat Luang Phor Sodh Dhammakayaram (July 9, 1991)

2.    President of the Executive Committee, National Coordination Center of Provincial Meditation Institutes of Thailand (Elected by the Directors of Provincial Meditation Institutes from throughout the country at a Seminar and Practicum organized by the National Buddhist Office 23-25 April 2008 at Wat Yanawa, Bangkok, Thailand and recognised by the Sangha Body)

3.    Preceptor (Upachaya – Since January 31, 1996)

4.    Director and Principal-Meditation Master, Wat Luang Phor Sodh Buddhist Meditation Institute (Since 2006)  An Associated Institution of the World Buddhist University 

5.    Vice-chairman of the Administrative Committee, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Region 15 Academic Services Center (November 19, 2007)

6.    Director, Dhammakayaram Buddhist Meditation Institute (1981)

7.    Manager, Rajburi Provincial Pali Studies Center (Appointed by the Sangha Body, October 20, 1999)

8.    Director, Rajburi Provincial Meditation Practice Center     (Appointed by the Sangha Body, March 6, 2001)

9.    Director, Center for Development of Virtues and Ethics for the Security of the Nation, Religion and Monarchy (2009)

Profile before Monkhood
Name: Phra Rajyanvisith (Phra Ajahn Maha Sermchai Jayamanggalo)  Abbot of

Wat Luang Phor Sodh Dhammakaya, and Director of  Dhammakaya Buddhist Meditation Institute
Date of birth: March 6, 1929.
Entered monkhood: March 6, 1986.
Buddhist Dhamma: Completed grade three of Buddhist Theory, and grade six of Pali studies.
Meditation Master: Venerable Phra RajbrahmaThera, Deputy Abbot, Meditation master,
and Director of Meditation Affairs, Wat Paknam
Meditation Experience: Practiced Buddhist meditation since 1970.
Preceptorship: Appointed since January 31, 1996.
Ecclesiastical title from
December 5, 1998:
Phra Bhavana Visutthikhun
Ecclesiastical title from
December 5, 2004:

Phra Rajyanvisith

An honorary doctorate in  Buddhist  Administration from Mahachulalongkornraja-vidyalaya University in 2007.
An honorary doctorate in  Buddhism Administration from Mahamakut Buddhist University in 2009.

Profile as before Monkhood
Work: Research specialist, United States Information Services (USIS), Bangkok.
Visiting lecturer in research methodology, research and evaluation,
and public opinion surveys to various academic institutions
(Thammasart University, Bangkok University, etc.)
Academic Qualifications: Certificate in accountancy, Bachelors of Commerce, and Masters of
Arts in public administration (Honors), Thammasart University.
Certificate in social science research, Institute of Social Research,
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
Certificate in Wang OIS Management Courses, organized by USIS, Washington DC, USA.

Story and pictures courtesy of Wat Luang Phor Sodn Buddhist Meditation Institute,

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