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What Our Supporters say:




“AABC has become a major force in ASEAN.

More than 700 participants have attended the Save our Planet 2010 series from a dozen countries. “SOP has become a prestigious and internationally recognized event in a very short time”

Mr. Peter Chin
Malaysia’s Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water



“The cover looks great! Thanks for including me on it. It makes readers curious to know what all of these person’s views are regarding China. Great job from the designer! Impressive work with quality editorial and adverts! It doesn’t lack anything compared to those wellestablished top international current affairs titles. Congratulations!”

Lili Zhao
Managing Editor China Ethos London House London, UK



“Phantastic. A thousand thanks”

Dr Frank Richter
President, HORASIS, The Global Visions Community Zurich, Switzerland


“I will read with pleasure this volume of Asean Affairs.”

Thomas Homberg
Corporate Vice President Head Strategic Coordination EADS HQ Paris France



“China in Spotlight is a good feature, wellplaced and informative a good job. I appreciate your hard work and adding my comments in the issue.”

Tariq Ahmed Nizami
Founder & CEO CEO CLUBS UAE Dubai




Paul Ebeling Jnr Co-Founder, Ebeling Heffernan Los Angeles, USA



“It was good to meet you in Luxembourg and read your magazine. It’s very impressive and I loved the design of the special edition on China.”

Michael Johnson Chairman Asia Star Capital Australia



“Thank you so much, it’s so well and kindly done, like your unique creativity that went into creating the content. My shallow two cents include: “the editorial quality is very high because the questions are good, and you give people appearing in your content “consistent personalized treatment”. I think this is important. Today, when printing and distribution sort-of-commoditize, the short supply VIP’s time, if they are useful, when they’re being pulled into all directions, whatever platform makes them happy, they are likely to commit their most valuable resource, time”

Dr Alyce Su
Managing Partner China Queen Capital, Us Taipei, Taiwan



“Superb! Very good job indeed.”

Jean Christophe von Pfetten
President of the Royal Institute of East-West Strategic Studies Burgundy, France



Save our Planet Series

Dear Swarup Roy,
Many thanks for the invitation to the SOP event and Advisory Board. The event has been a good networking platform and the idea with the kids has been great. With yesterday’s email you have taken action in respect to the driving element. Please, let me know what specifically I can contribute. Wishing you/us continuous success with the SOP initiative! Kindest regards,

Wolfgang Lehmacher
Former Chief Executive Officer, GeoPost Intercontinental, France



Dear Roy,
Thanks for your recognition and I thank you for your great networking, it was a pleasure to participate. Thanks also for the personal attention you and your team have given to me, and your team did a good job in organizing the event! In general, I felt that the climate topic is of great interest, the momentum can grow further and you can be an important catalyst. A different audience should be targeted too, especially the ones who are not so convinced yet about the urgency of the topic. More opportunity for discussions should be given. Sensibilizing decision makers from the political area will be crucial. Therefore, I wish you good luck for March 25th. I was impressed by the school example and I think it was excellent that you brought participants with concrete proposals. Thanks once more and Best Regards,

Dominikus von Pescatore
Senior Bayer Representative for Country Group North ASEAN and Managing Director of Bayer Thai Co., Ltd.



Dear Roy,
Many thanks for your excellent hospitality during the SOP1 conference. Much enjoyed my experience there and our collaboration. You did an outstanding job in my and others opinion. Believe you have a great concept going and would like to continue cooperation for these SOP conferences. Think you should also consider Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, their governments might be very interested. Best

Michael Nobel
Chairman The Nobel Charitable Trust



“Subject: Congratulations and Thank you Dear Mr. Swarup Roy, Congratulations on the success of the Save Our Planet Conference Series 2011 on Friday, March 18 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok. Please allow me to convey our heart-felt gratitude to you and all members of your capable organizing committee under your efficient leadership that ontribute to the success of the Save Our Planet Conference Series.

Dr. Ninnat Olanvoravuth
Secretary-General Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) Chulalongkorn University



“Dear Swarup,
Just a short note to thank you for such an informative afternoon on Friday last at Save our Planet Conference and indeed for dinner following during the evening. I considered it an excellent forum to learn about important issues pertaining to what is required in the months / years ahead, in addition to meeting some excellent presenters, well versed in their field of expertise.With renewed thanks and hope we may catch up again soon. Best Wishes,”

John Pawson.
Chairman - Trustee, Siam Chamber Orchestra


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